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FEMA - Camps - Colorado

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

These are FEMA camps in the State of Colorado - for a complete list please refer to the list of camps page.

These camps originate from many combined lists of supposed camps from all over the Internet. For more information see the FEMA camps page.


There are a supposedly a total of 4 FEMA camps in Colorado; in reality none of the listed locations are FEMA camps.

Actual Stats:

Military Forts: 1
Former Internment Camps: 1
Former POW Camps: 1
Air Force Bases: 1

Table of Contents

  1. Ft. Carson
  2. Granada
  3. Lowell AFB
  4. Trinidad

Ft. Carson

Along route 115 near Canon City

Fort Carson was a POW camp for around 9,000 German and Italian soldiers. It no longer operates a POW camp of any kind[41].


Prowers County - WWII Japanese internment camp

The Japanese interment camp closed October 15, 1945 and no longer exists[42].

Lowell AFB

Recently all new chain link fence was installed around the borders, plus 400,000 handcuffs and shackles were purchased by the government for this site.

Lowell AFB is a long since closed Air Force Base, but it did exist many years ago[43]. Rumors about new fences and handcuffs being purchased for Lowell cannot be substantiated at all, and likely originate from the original FEMA camps conspiracy document, not an actual source.


WWII German/Italian camp being renovated.

Trinidad POW Camp was closed in 1945 and is not being renovated[44].