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FEMA - Camps - X

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

These are FEMA camps in the State of X - for a complete list please refer to the list of camps page.

These camps originate from many combined lists of supposed camps from all over the Internet. For more information see the FEMA camps page.


There are a supposedly a total of X FEMA camps in X.

[ID/US] Minidoka/Jerome Counties - WWII Japanese-American internment facility possibly under renovation (some say already renovated). -,-114.108016&spn=0.006349,0.010021&t=h&z=16 [ID/US] Clearwater National Forest - Near Lolo Pass - Just miles from the Montana state line near Moose Creek, this unmanned facility is reported to have a nearby airfield. // Kooski plus 50 miles East. Near Lolo pass Moose Creek Unmanned and there is a near by landing strip in or near a national forest. Wilderness areas - Possible location. No data. -,-115.247698&spn=0.005908,0.010021&t=h&z=16