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FEMA - Camps - X

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

These are FEMA camps in the State of X - for a complete list please refer to the list of camps page.

These camps originate from many combined lists of supposed camps from all over the Internet. For more information see the FEMA camps page.


There are a supposedly a total of X FEMA camps in X.

[OK/US] Tinker AFB (OKC) - All base personnel are prohibited from going near civilian detention area, which is under constant guard. // Oklahoma City Tinker AFB, This is a civilian detention facility, all base personnel are prohibited from going near the area, and the area is under constant guard. -,-97.386847&spn=0.014093,0.020041&t=h&z=15 [OK/US] Will Rogers World Airport - FEMA's main processing center for west of the Mississippi. All personnel are kept out of the security zone. Federal prisoner transfer center located here (A pentagon-shaped building where airplanes can taxi up to). Photos have been taken and this site will try to post soon! // Will Rogers Air Port This is a newly constructed FEMA facility, and it is believed that it will be used as a primary processing center for prisoners West of the Mississippi River. -,-97.5946&spn=0.014097,0.020041&t=h&z=15 [OK/US] El Reno - Renovated federal internment facility with CURRENT population of 12,000 on Route 66. -,-97.961612&spn=0.014073,0.020041&t=h&z=15 [OK/US] McAlester - near Army Munitions Plant property - former WWII German / Italian POW camp designated for future use. -,-95.940256&spn=0.014194,0.020041&t=h&z=15 [OK/US] Ft. Sill (Lawton) - Former WWII detention camps. More data still needed. // McAlester WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.,-98.381109&spn=0.014224,0.020041&t=h&z=15