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Predictions - Alex Jones predicts international court forced upon US

Submitted By: Edward L Winston
Author: Alex Jones
Status: Never happened
Source: Link
Predicted: July, 2000
Happens: Near future


In his film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, Alex Jones states:

"And now you've got the UN demanding everybody sign on to this international criminal court. And they're telling the US that if we don't sign on it won't matter if 60 ratify, we'll be under its control? I mean, we're here, we're at global government now. When they're saying they're gonna have some world court in the Netherlands, that they'll take anybody they want to, these are the..."


The International Criminal Court is an international tribunal to prosecute individuals for things like genocide, war crimes, and so forth[1][2]. I'm not sure where get this this "won't mater of 60 ratify" thing from, considering 108 member states have already ratified it, and another 39 have yet to[3]. The US, Russia, China, and India are highly critical of the International Court and have not joined. The US in particular cannot join because of the legality of US citizens being tried outside of the United States for crimes committed within the United States[4].

So, we've gone far beyond the 60 needed to take us over, and yet nothing has changed. In fact since its inception, there have only been four investigations by the ICC, and those were in Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, and Darfur[5]. It sounds like the ICC is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing, and isn't just sending people to the Netherlands for stealing DVDs from Wal-Mart as Alex Jones purports. So much for global government being here now.