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Predictions - A "credible" source says all banks will close around August/September, 2009

Submitted By: Edward L Winston
Author: Valano72 and ChadJ
Status: Never happened
Source: Link
Predicted: March, 2009
Happens: Aug/Sept, 2009


Two individuals on the internet caused a fire storm amongst conspiracy theorists in early 2009 by claiming by August or September 2009 banks would be shut down across America.

Here's the video:

An unknown but "credible" source claims that he overheard a FEMA presentation while on a job interview at a police station. He promptly called his conspiracy theorist friends and they made a video on youtube. After this video came out, many different conspiracy theorists on the internet, none too well known (as far as I could find), started saying it would be September 19th specifically. The specific date can vary, but for the most part it is around mid-September.

Many other predictions are made in the video, about vouchers, and other things, but they're not worth mentioning here because they all rely on this main prediction to occur. If you don't want to or can't watch the video, it's simply the same ol' New World Order junk it's always been: ID cards, road blacks, gun confiscation, federalizing hospitals, federalizing police (but not the shariff's department), turning the US into a third world nation, etc.

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This has yet to happen as of August 17th, 2009. We will see what happens as the next month passes by.

Didn't happen.

Even if it does happen, there's no reason to take your money out of the bank - if the whole economy crashes, your money will be pretty valueless anyway - as the movie says they're going to make the US a third world nation. If anything, I suggest hoarding as much as possible, that way you can trade Mountain Dew for toilet paper!