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Predictions - David Miller predicts roughly 50% of 9/11 first responders will be dead in 4 years

Submitted By: Edward L Winston
Author: David Miller
Status: Never happened
Source: Link
Predicted: Sometime in 2007
Happens: 2011 to 2012


In Alex Jones' / Luke Rudkowski film The 9/11 Chronicles: Part One, Truth Rising, 9/11 first responder David Miller, said:

"Can this side of the room, everybody stand up. Everybody on this side, if you were all rescue workers, you'd all be dead in 4 years."


The predicted time has yet to happen, but it's unlikely. While many first responders are getting sick, it will likely be many years before symptoms of various diseases show up.

You can read more about this in my analysis of the movie The 9/11 Chronicles: Part One, Truth Rising