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Quotes - Chief Orio J Palmer said knock down the building

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"Battalion Seven ... Ladder 15, we've got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two lines. Radio that, 78th floor numerous 10-45 Code Ones."

Quote Status: Out of Context
Attributed to: Battalion Seven Chief Orio J Palmer
Category: 9/11
Submitted By: Ed

Actual Details

This is a quote from Battalion Seven Chief Palmer in WTC2[1].

911 Truthers argue that there were no raging infernos in the towers. They use this quote in support of this claim.

The problem is that Floor 78 was not considered a raging inferno, despite what they claim. You can look at pictures[2] of the building and see that Floor 78 was beneath the fire.

It is unsurprising however that truthers would also claim that NIST claims that Floor 78 was an inferno at this time, however they describe Floor 78 as having "only light fire activity".

In short: There is no way you could use this quote to prove there was not an inferno in the towers.


More info:


Lots of 911 Truth websites quote this.

Two Examples:

"This wma file is an extract from the The Complete Firefighters Tape and it contains the final transmissions made by firefighters located in the aircraft impact area of WTC 2 (floors 77 and 78). Floor 78 was officially being ravaged by an 800ºC inferno at this time.

The transmissions document that only isolated pockets of fire were reported by the firefighters, so where was the all-consuming inferno?"


"Chief Palmer had reached the fire on the 78th floor of the South Tower, and devised a plan to put it out. He describes "two isolated pockets of fire", and requests two lines (hoses) to knock it down.

If the 78th floor was a "raging inferno" like the government would have us believe, then Palmer wouldn't have gotten as far as he did, and certainly wouldn't have been able to put it out with two fire hoses."