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Hate Mail - I am going to debunk you!!!!!

Sender: Joseph Lowes <>
Subject: I am going to debunk you!!!!!
Type: Corrections
Added: Feb 16, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Charles Darwin was inspired to write On the Origin of Species  after reading Thomas Malthus's Principles of Population.

Taken from Wikipedia!!!!

 “In late September 1838, he started reading Thomas Malthus's An Essay on the Principle of Population with its statistical proof that human populations breed beyond their means and struggle to survive. Darwin related this to the struggle for existence among wildlife and botanist de Candolle's "warring of the species" in plants; he immediately envisioned "a force like a hundred thousand wedges" pushing well-adapted variations into "gaps in the economy of nature", so that the survivors would pass on their form and abilities, and unfavourable variations would be destroyed.[23][24] By December 1838, he had noted a similarity between the act of breeders selecting traits and a Malthusian Nature selecting among variants thrown up by "chance" so that "every part of newly acquired structure is fully practical and perfected".[25]

In your face CIA disinfo. Agent!!!!!

[The formatting above is the formatting he sent it in, yes he wrote it in a huge font.]

Uh, OK.

First of all, I never say anywhere that he wasn't inspired by it. Why don't you actually read me site? I'm curious as to how you can debunk something I never claimed.

Second of all, nice work using Wikipedia, you would have castrated me if I used Wikipedia. Just the kind of hypocrisy conspiracy theorists are known for.

Lastly, and most importantly, did you actually read the quote from Wikipedia you pasted me? It says that Darwin "related" the information, but he was actually inspired to write Origin of Species in 1831, 7 years prior, after his trip on the Beagle.

Nice try, but next time read the shit you paste and don't base it on things you imagine I've said.

No I was only using Wikiepedia as a quick source of information. Plus I was reading about Darwin (in a text history book) and I know that he got his idea while on the HMS Beagle. But he did use Malthus's work afterwards in his work; something you seid never happen! Why did Darwin use Malthus's work by the way?

P.S.: Found something you can not answerer. So you are not all knowing like you believe yourself to be. You make me sick. Bye! Hope you get cancer!!!

Show me where I said that.

O.K. I just looked through your web site; and you did not say that. In fack you have nothing about the Darwin/Malthus connection at all. Trying to cover it up? Now why did Darwin use Malthus's work by the way; unless they believed that exact same thing! Them and the Huxley family. Which means that when the NWO feils; we should burn all of their books!!!!

Apparently me asking you to simply show me where I say that Charles Darwin was not "influenced" by Malthus is too difficult for a smart guy like you to do, instead you, once again, derail by bringing up other things. You know, Karl Marx quoted Adam Smith, and in fact Adam Smith was an influence on Marx, I guess Marx and Smith believed the exact same thing! (Since you probably don't know this, Marx and Smith believed pretty much the exact opposite)