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Hate Mail - Last time I am going to try to reason with you.

Sender: Joseph Lowes <>
Subject: Last time I am going to try to reason with you.
Type: Corrections
Added: Feb 26, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I have here is a link that basically proves all of my views on the state of the economy are correct. And that we are not having a recovery. Now I found sources that basically prove me right; using experts that know what they are talking about. Here is my final evidence to you.

Okay, so where in these videos does it say that gold will reach $5,000 per ounce, that the DOW will drop to zero, or that the economy will collapse by December 2010?

Say wait a second, someone's predicted this before. That's right, in 1981 it was constantly predicted there'd be a huge depression, there'd be hyperinflation, and there'd be all kinds of problems by 1983.,9171,954583,00.html,9171,949094-1,00.html

I can't believe you have the ego to claim you ever tried to reason with me at all. Look at your previous emails to me, it's mostly insults and you parroting Alex Jones. Even if you can claim there was any "reason" in there, it was really you being a proxy for Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists, as I don't think you've ever really thought for yourself.

Let's talk about each video:

Open Mike is a show for opinions, not just opinions, far-right Austrian ones, it's not actual news, but even if we assume it is, there have been people saying hyperinflation is coming for at least 30 years. So where is it? I'm still waiting.

So? Neil explained it pretty well, you obviously didn't get it. China can't do too much. Treasuries might be a bubble, but that doesn't mean China is just going to drop them, it'd implode their economy.

Double dip recession, holy shit that must mean gold will go to $5,000 per ounce! DOW will drop to zero! Wait a second, we have had worse recessions before? 1989? the 1970s?

The videos actually prove a point I made over and over: you can't argue anything yourself, you have to do it through other people, namely videos. Now I await the all too common insult from you or you bitching that I just don't get it. Well, I thought maybe you were too young to remember all of the bad things that have happened before and the economy didn't collapse, but I guess maybe you're just too blind. I'm open to the economy collapsing, actually I think it'd help a lot of people realize the needless spending many of them have been doing, but I just don't think it's going to happen this year.

First of all I don't understand why your so against Austrian economics; it is the only school of economic thought that is based on real economic factors. Second of all I am just giving you starting points that can help you get out of your little box you are in. Any way I don't believe Alex Jones on everything he says; such as I don't believe in all his cult junk (i.e. Moloch). But I what he has to say about the government and the global elites is right on the money. So I can't be labeled as gullible because I know the different between real and fake.
P.S. Before you say anything about Milton Friedman or John Maynard Kaynes their ideas were not based on economic realty. They both believed in slowly expanding the money over time; hyperinflations. Anyway both men we're in the pockets of the banksters.

Austrian economics is a convenient set of fairy tales. There's a certain mindset to most Austrians, it's that they're never wrong no matter what. I've read a lot about Austrian economics, and I don't really have anything to say about Friedman or Kaynes, but I've read a lot of Friedman's work.

Check out this thread: starting at this post, mostly posts by advancedatheist.

I try to avoid politics so I don't want to really get into debating Austrian economics, I'm actually opposed to capitalism completely, so either way I think it's fairly bad for society, but I try to keep that out of it. Even if I wasn't anti-capitalist, I'd still be skeptical of Austrian economics.

I'm glad to hear you don't believe in that Moloch stuff. I don't think I've ever called you gullible, but I think you have some bad ideas and getting them from people who don't know what they're talking about. Not that you should just trust me, but you should really broaden your research.

"I think it'd help a lot of people realize the needless spending many of them have been doing, but I just don't think it's going to happen this year."
Well after the economy collapses they will not need to worry about "needless spending"; but they will need to get the chip in order to get food. And yes they can do it; all they have to do is kill off 80% of us and the rest will fall in line.

Don't you see how that's pretty much Evangelical belief? Besides, you're using one conspiracy theory to prove another. You have to also actually prove they plan on killing of 80% of humanity or plan on microchipping anyone, and no misquoting a book by the UN and showing microchips (in the form of RFID tags) exist isn't actually proof of anything. Much in the same way proving fish exist doesn't prove the Loch Ness monster exists.

But I would still put the Austrians before Friedman or Kaynes. Because both men worked for international bankers. Plus you are mistaking capitalism for Corporatism; we are not a capitalist society. That is why I do not support TZM; because after all the Soviet Union was set up by the international bankers.

They were Austrians and most Austrians believe them to be some of the greatest. Yeah they worked for banks, but so do a lot of people. We may have corporations, but we are still capitalist, unless you can define what capitalism is. Granted, I agree we aren't anything close to pure capitalist, but if you want that, you have Somalia, and even the von Mises institute agrees that Somalia is "stateless and loving it".

You'll find most of the big promoters of Austrian economics are rich as hell and got that way by exploiting others.

As for the Soviet Union, it was not setup by international bankers, that's totally untrue. I'm sure you have some citations that actually prove that, of course. I've addressed this claim before, in The Obama Deception when that utter moron George Humphrey claimed Lenin and Stalin were funded by bankers. I'll pull a common CT card here: I dare you to find proof the USSR was founded and funded by "international bankers". I bet you can find plenty of people that will say "international Jewish bankers" as that's been a conspiracy theory for a long time.

Perhaps that's something else you should look into, the vast connections and origins of "international bankers" as "international jewish syndicates"

Well that is what the military and police are for. They will just send them out and they will just do what they do best. Shoot people right and left, gas them or drop bombs on them. And since most people are weak minded from their programing they will not fight back. The herd what is left over and chip them like cattle. I is vary simple as you can see; the Germans did it after all.

So, why didn't they just help the Nazis then? Why did the US stop it's euthanasia programs? Why did the do a full reversal when much of the population didn't know or didn't care, only to tell them about it later; well I guess it only makes sense, they stopped programs that people liked/didn't care about in order to tell everyone so they could do it again later when people are against it even more? That makes total sense.

That is because it was a test run. They needed to see if the could get a military and police force to go along. And it worked every German solder and police officer was behind the Holocaust. Just like American solder and police officer today support mass killing.
"no misquoting a book by the UN" What the hell are you talking about here?

Give me a fucking break, so why didn't they just continue? They make a test run so everyone knows what the State is capable of later on? That'd be like if I wanted to rob a bank, went and robbed it once, but only took some money, and then I went around leaving clues everywhere that I planned on robbing the bank again, but even bigger. Nobody will ever suspect me!

I'm talking about the various UN documents which Alex Jones claims that the UN wants to remove everyone from the Earth in order to save it.

>> And it worked every German solder and police officer was behind the Holocaust

Not even close to being true. You have plenty of resistance within the government, and even within the Nazi Party, what about Project Valkyrie, what about Oskar Schindler?

>> Just like American solder and police officer today support mass killing.

I take it you don't know any police or soldiers, and I'm sure you'll say "Oh I so, once I was speeding down the road and they pulled me over, those genocidal maniacs!"

And you still haven't provided any evidence of the original conspiracy theories that you use for evidence of other conspiracy theories.

I never seid I hated the Jews; you are putting words into my mouth!!!

Dingus, I never said you hated Jews, just like I never said Darwin wasn't influenced by Malthus. If you deny there's any connection between "international banking" conspiracy theories and "international jewish banking" conspiracy theories then you're ignoring history and fact. Apparently you can put words in my mouth all you want, but as soon as you imagine I'm doing it, holy shit watch out, it's German 1939 all over again!

Oh how conspiracy theorists love to play victim.

Here's a history lesson: find a single person who believed in "international banking" conspiracies prior to 1970 that wasn't also a raging anti-semite. Another "I dare you". Speaking of, you still haven't shown how the USSR was created by international bankers.

None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen. It was the book that first got me intrested on this supject. I first read it when I was 14 years old and I 30 years old now; so I am not a stupid kid. So how old are you boy!!!!

Didn't Gary Allen really piss off Carroll Quigley for misquoting him a lot? Plus also Allen says the US funded both sides of the Vietnam war, which isn't possible, as the Soviet Union was a state owned dictatorship and until Pepsi there was nothing American directly involved in the Soviet Economy. Anyway, this isn't surprising as many of the sources Allen cites do not contain the information he claims they do, especially things involving bankers.

If you're 30 now, you read it in, what 1994?

So you are talking about the End Game documents from End Game.

As per the UN documents, yes that's what I'm talking about.

I was wrong when I said that you said that Darwin wasn’t influenced by Malthus. I misread your article about Charles Galton Darwin. But you have that admit that the Darwin’s where one sick and disturbed family.

I'm honestly surprised to hear you admit you were wrong. Well, there are all kinds of things wrong with people back then, most people were racist as hell, and eugenics was a popular concept.

Yes I read it in 1994; it was recommended by my uncle. He was scared to death that Bill Clinton paid tribute to Carroll Quigley in his speech. Of course Carroll Quigley did not like Gary Allen's book; he spread it out to secret plan out to the masses.
I will admit it when I am wrong. And about the End Game documents how do you no that they are the real deal and not fakes.

On the forums you previously said you were 20.

I think your uncle is paranoid, as Bill Clinton paid tribute to a speech Quigley repeated and how the speech effected him, only conspiracy theorists -- as I've seen thus far -- believe in some weird connection. Quigley had many, many students, and he didn't preach or each the things he wrote about for the most part. Not only that but you can find many places where Quigley points out conspiracy theorists like the John Birch Society, Gary Allen, Cleon Skousen, and others basically misrepresent and misquote him -- but when I point this out to some conspiracy theorists, they just claim "well, THAT's disinfo" Well, if that's true, then how are we to know what's true and what's not with Quigley, especially when he cites no sources?

The documents mentioned in End Game, they're not fake, they are definitely real, but the content Alex Jones claims is in them simply isn't there.

Why do you jump from writing poorly to writing well? You completely changed your spelling, grammar, and just the way you type. Are you having someone write stuff for you?