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Team Review - Alex Jones' Engame - Page 2

This article is still in review, so verify all information before you consider it.

Many of the great money houses would hedge their bets and finance both sides of a war.
Sophisticated intelligence gathering networks gave the financiers a clear edge -
over the governments they were slowly gaining control of.

On the 18th of June 1815 -
agents of the British arm of the Rothschild family looked on -
as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte fought desperately to save his army -
from the jaws of a British Pression Pincer Attack.

A Rothschild agent was able to get the news of Napoleon's defeat, -
at the hands of Lord Wellington, and to Nathan Rothschild -
a full 20 hours before the news reached London.

Nathan, the head of the British arm of the Rothschild family, -
put out the rumor to the London Stock Exchange that Napoleon had won the war.
Stocks plunged by 98% and Rothschild was then able to -
buy up the entire British economy for pennies on the pound.

When the news of Napoleon's defeat finally arrived, stocks soared.

Britain was now the undisputed ruler of Europe and Rothschild ruled England.
The already dominant empire grew even more aggressive.
Her troops and bureaucracies spread across the globe.
The sun never set on Britannia's holdings.
The banking cartel funded... in fact since about 1800 -
they have funded both sides of almost every war, -

and of course they're getting the interest off of the loans that they'd -
given the governments for the wars that they helped stimulate and create.
By 1900, Germany was a rising force, and a leader of the industrial revolution.

World War I for instance, -
there was absolutely no reason to have World War I, -
except that it was an ideal opportunity for the banking cartel -
to make a pile of money by funding both sides of that particular war.

On June 28th 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne -
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated while traveling in a motorcade.
The Black Hand, a Serbian Secret Society with connections to French -
and British Intelligence, took credit.
World war I had begun.

Armaments Companies financed by Rothschild controlled banks -
in Germany, France, England and Austria bankrolled all the factions.

At least 20 million were killed in the war.
It was a conflict so terrible, the people vowed to never fight again.
They'd dubbed it "The War To End All Wars".

The question is, "Why did they want war?".
Well, first of all, there's money and power, -
but secondly, they wanted to create The League Of Nations.

They had this in their plans all along and as a consequence, -
once the war was over or about to be over, they begin to formulate -
this idea of a League of Nations so this would never ever happen again.

Hundreds of years of practice made the British experts at -
hiding their empire behind puppet governments and councils.
In the name of stopping all future conflicts they proposed that -
countries would join a League of Nations.

Their true intention was for the League to serve as a framework for World Government.
President Woodrow Wilson who had spearheaded the establishment of -
the private Federal Reserve system in the United States in 1913 -
strongly supported the establishment of a League of Nations.
Woodrow Wilson was a very naive President.

He was basically a college professor that was drafted into this whole system.
The League convened in Paris in 1919 but many nations recognized -
it as a threat to their sovereignty and refused to join.

Frustrated by the U.S. Congress blocking the League of Nations, -
British Intelligence, with the help of the Rockefeller family, -
set up the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City in 1921.

The Council recruited the best and brightest of American life -
to support the growth of the Anglo-American empire.
The C.F.R.'s stated mission is to abolish all Nation States -
in favor of an all powerful World Government administered by a tiny elite.

By 1930 the promoters of World Government had split into 2 interlocking camps: -
the Fabian Socialists centered in London and the Fascists based in Italy and Germany.
"National socialism will use it's own revolution for establishing a -
New World Order." ~Adolf Hitler

Supporters of the fascists in the United States and England believed -
that the military should be used to quickly transform the world into a New World Order, -
while the more sophisticated practitioners of socialism stated -
that incrementalism was the sure path to world domination.