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Team Review - Alex Jones' Engame - Page 4

This article is still in review, so verify all information before you consider it.

About 10 have come in.
They've been coming in slowly, -
in typically big black cars with what appears to be bullet proof glass, -
and we've got a few pictures of some of the people.
We're being kept well back from the building by an awful lot of -
security people, but there'll be more security as this thing develops.
[Random Security Dude]
OK, just a reminder to stay off the property, OK?
[Alex Jones]
I am, I am. This is the line, we checked with the city.
[Random Security Dude]
Yes you are!
[Alex Jones]
Thank you.

I came here from up state New York. I booked a room way in advance -
but I checked in at 10 at night, but they told me I had to be -
out by 8:30 in the morning. And so, of course I complied with what they wanted, -
I wasn't happy about it because I had been tired, I drove quite a long way.
Then I went down to have something to eat and I just -
saw a bunch of security here, and I was wondering what was -
going on and I asked questions and they said that they were having -
a wedding or they were having some sort of reception, -
so I decided to ask a couple more questions 'cause I thought -
it was kinda weird, and then I saw them from my hotel window, -
they were in the back with flashlights looking at the trees, -
looking up through the trees, and they were also in front of the hotel combing...
it looked like combing the hotel, so I kinda got..was wondering -
what was going on, and I left. I got up this morning, -
I checked out and then the fella that I spoke with, -
the last fella I spoke with said "You'll see in the newspaper."

Well I didn't have to wait because there was a group -
of people out here telling me about everything that was going on.
They're not fooling anybody any longer. When you've got this many cops, -
you know, and detaining Alex Jones at the border.

Get 'em on both sides. Yeah you crook!
Yeah, you're gonna go to jail like Ken Lay!
Oh yeah, There's one right there. Hi! Hey, we're not your property, -
we're not your slaves. We're gonna defeat the New World Order.
The New World Order's gonna be defeated. You realize that, -
I'm glad you do. Always does throughout history.

Etienne Devignon is the Honorary Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, -
as well as the head of its steering committee.
The committee he heads selects and invites each years attendees.
In the last decade the list of attendees has been -
leaked to reporters by moles on the inside.
Veteran newspaper reporter Jim Tucker has been covering the -
Bilderberg meetings for over 30 years and has physically attended more than 20.
We traveled back to our hotel to see if Jim Tucker received the 2006 list.
I first heard about Bilderberg in 1975 and I said, "I don't believe it", -
"That's not possible", "Who in hell's Bilderberg?".
I spent 20 happy years with metropolitan newspapers.

All the while there's a clicking at my ear: -
that could not happen without me knowing about it.
And the thing that first impressed me most was calls in 1957 -
by the late great Westbrook Pegler, widely syndicated columnist.
He wrote 2 lengthy columns about how approximately 100 leaders -
of international finance, heads of state, high public officials, -
were meeting behind armed guards, closed doors on Jekyll Island, sealed off.
What are these powerful internationalists doing? And why is it so secret?
Why do they have armed guards outside? Why is it sealed off?

The newspapers totally ignore it - not a word.
Total blackout in the United States.

Since then I have never stopped pursuing Bilderberg or the whole -
international gangster organization lead by Rockefellers and -
Rothschilds as they manipulate the world for their own selfish interests.
Jim, you've been waiting on the list. You normally get it on the 1st day.
You haven't gotten it. We're told it might come in today.
How important is that list?
It's absolutely essential, although identifying people outside -
as we always do is important too, to find out who is not on their own list.
In recent years someone from Europe has sent a machine copy -
with the letterhead and so forth, without identifying himself.
So far I haven't heard from him.
Well Bilderberg assumed that name in 1954 at their first -
meeting as Bilderberg, at the Bilderberg hotel.
It's a little bit like Shakespeare's "As you like it".
They say to Shakespeare, "What do you want to call this book?"
and he says, "As you like it", meaning whatever you want to call it, -
but they thought it was a dictation so one of his plays -
is called "As you like it", but the title has nothing to do with the play.
So that's how the Bilderberg came by their name.
Now they had been meeting for half a century, -
the monied class had been meeting. But they decided they have to -
meet systematically, every year, well planned in advanced, -
in addition to other smaller meetings throughout the year.
Is the right turn, Jim?

This is the Global Government. They are setting the world agenda.

Inside right now,
they're deciding whether or not there will be a war with Iran, -
whether or not taxes will increase, -
whether oil prices will be suppressed or increased.
There's much more on agenda, that we'll find out about in time, -
but those are 3 items that are heavy on their list this year.

This is Jim Tucker, Ladies and Gentlemen. 27 years covering these crooks.
Mr Tucker, a pleasure to meet you.
The media said he was crazy, it didn't exist. Now we forced them.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

120 of the worlds most powerful men: heads of state from Europe,
high officials from the United States Government, Treasury Dept., -
White House, state, defense. They're setting the world agenda now.
The reason they want secrecy is because they're doing evil.

Evil is done under the cover of darkness, good works are done in the sunshine.

Hi, how you doin'? Good.
Get off the property please.
Well, Jim has some questions for you.
I need you to move off the property please.
OK, sure. It's a public sidewalk.
Oh yeah we are cooperating.
Thank you. Right onto the sidewalk.
Yeah, there's no implication that we aren't cooperating.
When your onto the sidewalk can you stay there please?
Sure. Yeah. Thank you.
Jim has some questions for you.
Again, I need you to stay right on the sidewalk.
Yeah, we actually checked with the city. The property line is actually right here.
That's good. The property line's actually right here.

We are on the verge of a global transformation.
All we need is the right major crisis and the nations -
will accept the New World Order. ~David Rockefeller

We saw David Rockefeller at the back of the building of the hotel -
and they had no body guards. One of my friends shouted, -
"Hey Rockefeller" and he turned back and he was...afraid.

My name's RenУй. I'm from Manitoba. I drove about 26 hours to get here, -
just to show my..that I'm against the Bilderbergers, -
just to fight for my freedoms, fight for my rights, -
make sure that my children can grow up in a free country.

My name is Daniel Estulin and I've been doing this for the last 15 years.
I'm from Canada. I'm very proud of my country because as you can see -
there are a lot of people covering the Bilderberg conference.

Last year it took me 14 and a half hours to get to Munich.
I was pulled off a plane in Milan, I was pulled off a plane in Munich.
They interrogated me for 4 hours, both places.
I was able to call a friend, a journalist in Rome, -
as a result of his presence and others calling the -
Foreign Ministry Department in Italy, they backed off and they let me go.
They basically told me that they'll be keeping an eye on me 24 hours a day.
The little hotel we were staying at, Jim and I, out of the 20 rooms -
6 were occupied, 3 by the CIA and 3 by the German Secret Service.
That's how serious these people are. That's how afraid they are of -
what we may be able to reveal and what we -
actually do reveal publicly about the Bilderberg intents.

Daniel Estulin has covered the Bilderberg meetings in Europe -
and North America for more than 15 years. His book, Club Bilderberg, -
has been translated into more than 20 languages and is a global best seller.