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Team Review - Alex Jones' Engame - Page 5

This article is still in review, so verify all information before you consider it.

Estulin has photographed many past Bilderberg meetings.
Rockefeller front man, Henry Kissinger, is always a key participant.

Here you see the President of the CFR, Richard N. Haas, -
followed by Vice Chairman of Rothschild Europe, Franco BernabУй, -
who is speaking with Henry Kravis, and behind them is Richard Holbrooke, -
former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
The head of Daimler Chrysler, JУМrgen Schrempp, arrives by helicopter.
Here the owner of the Washington Post, Donald Graham, -
escorts Indra Nooyi, the head of Pepsi Co.
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who's father, Prince Bernhard, -
founded Bilderberg, is a leading figure in the group.
Of course Globalist Kingpin, David Rockefeller, -
seen here with his body guard, James Ford, always attends.
The then newly appointed World Bank Chief, -
Paul Wolfowitz, is photographed at Bilderberg 2005.
It has been reported that Wolfowitz had attended previous meetings -
while still the Deputy Secretary of Defense, a violation of the Logan Act.

Under the Logan Act it is a felony offense for any member of -
federal or state government to meet with members of a foreign government -
without the express authority and authorization of the President or Congress.
Put simply, it is illegal for members of the government -
to meet secretly, behind closed doors, with foreign power brokers -
due to the problems of corruption and espionage that it breeds.

For this reason, many prominent politicians attend -
but their names do not appear on the official list.
Despite the Logan Act, the Governor of New York's name, George Pataki -
does appear on the list, and we were able to catch the Governor -
on tape walking with David Rockefeller at Brookstreet.
Multiple staff members inside Brookstreet reported to us that -
Hillary Clinton had attended for half a day.

Several armored limos with diplomatic plates did arrive -
with police escorts and offloaded their passengers -
in the underground parking garage out of the sight of the press.
Former World Bank President, James Wolfensohn, sardonically stared at our cameras.
Do you think that they're upset about the fact their being exposed?
Well I'm sure they are, look at the tinted windows.