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Predictions - Obama to Stage 9/11 - OKC Style Event to Save Presidency

Submitted By: Edward L Winston
Author: Alex Jones
Status: Never happened
Source: Link
Predicted: July 15, 2010
Happens: By October, 2010


Related to the previous prediction by Paul Joseph Watson. See source on the right side for links to videos regarding this prediction.


As mentioned previously, a terrorist attack would actually work against Obama, as his loudest and most popular critics make the claim he can't protect America, and this would make them appear correct. If in the next two years, however, any kind of attack happens at all, even a something like a school shooting, workplace shooting, or something like the plane into the IRS building, Alex Jones will claim he predicted that event, however he won't admit that he claimed it would be a 9/11 or OKC level event.

Jones made a similar prediction early in 2010 that by April 2010 there'd be an attack, but there wasn't. He got lucky with his vague 9/11 post-diction, so we're almost certainly going to see him make similar predictions every few months, so that when something happens, he can claim he predicted it and he was right all along. This is just a part of Alex Jones belief that no terrorist attacks or bad things happen anywhere, ever, only false-flag attacks.

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