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Resources - CSCode How To

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 9th, 2009

CSCode is the cool name I gave the BBSCode-style markup language that can be used all over Conspiracy Science to help format text. Below is a list of all of the tags available.

This tutorial is ugly, but I don't care!

Code Lingo Result
[b]text[/b] Bold text
[i]text[/i] Italics text
[u]text[/u] Underline text
text[br]text Add a new line break, regardless of whitespace text
[ctquote]text[/ctquote] Display conspiracy theorist text in green
Like this
[quote]text[/quote] Display skeptic's or scientific text in black
Like this
[indent][/indent] Indent Indent text with a left margin, just like in books. Primarily used in articles.
[left][/left] Left Align text to the left, by default all text is aligned to the left, but it may come up
[center][/center] Center Center align text, good for titles, authors, etc
[right][/right] Right Right align text, good for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.
[color=red]text[/color] Color text
Shows text in a given color, obviously
[size=18]text[/size] Size text
Shows text in a size based on points.


Code Lingo Result
[url=]Google[/url]   Google


Inserting images.

Code Lingo Result
[img]http://blahblah.tld/image.jpg[/img] Image


It's very important that you remember this: each item must be surrounded by [li][/li]. 
For example:

Code Lingo Result
[list] Unordered List
  • Item1
  • Item2
[olist] Ordered List
  1. Item1
  2. Item2