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Bills - HR 875 and HR 425 criminalize organic farming

Author: Dave Sorensen

Note: This page is still a work in progress and may be missing sources.

We are told from (14) that the government plans to ban organic farming and regulate home gardening. The first bill is H.R. 875 and this article tells us to pay special attention to sections 3, 103, 206 and 207. (15) The author admits that the bill never mentions the word 'organic' but yet claims that they are specifically planning to ban it. The second bill focuses more on the safety and transportation of meat products and has nothing to do with farming. (16) The bills are actually talking about food sold in supermarkets and doesn't say anything about food grown in your backyard. (17)
Status: False

New bill will require a prescription to get vitamins or supplements

This claim has some truth to it. In 2002, the European Union had almost passed legislation to ban natural supplements. (18) They were going to change the classification of supplements because of the lack of scientific studies done on the popular herbs on the market. Some herbs such as ephedra have been linked to heart attacks and deaths.

"At the moment, supplements are sold under food law, which means they have to be as safe as a loaf of bread. The MCA already has the power to remove from the market any supplement it considers to be dangerous. Conventional pharmaceutical drugs, on the other hand, are sold on a costs versus benefits basis, the thinking being that the beneficial effects of the drug should be balanced against its risks. Side effects are simply an accepted part of the pharmaceutical package."

This legislation would make sure every herb on the market was safe and effective, but protesters got their way and the legislation never passed. But this story has now resurfaced in the United States. The website features an article entitled "Will vitamins become prescription only" written in February 2010. The author talks about bill S 3002 and that if passed will result in vitamins requiring prescriptions. Bill S 3002 is sponsored by none other than John Mccain and is still in the legislative process. "The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee." (20) With that in mind here is the summary of the bill: "To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to more effectively regulate dietary supplements that may pose safety risks unknown to consumers." The bill talks about requiring manufacturers to have licenses for manufacturing supplements and calls for proper labeling based on thorough scientific studies. It does not talk about prescriptions required for vitamins or supplements.

*Note that this article covered bits and pieces of a wide range of topics. Entire articles on genetically modified foods, food additives and the efficacy of herbal supplements will be up in the near future.