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One of the most interesting facts about conspiracy theorists is how they claim that they demand "facts", but at the same time are very willing to make predictions about some kind of future event - usually related to some conspiracy, and when that event does not happen, they seem to forget they ever made the prediction.

Before reading about predictions here, it is strongly suggested that you read the postdictions page.

Latest Additions

Prediction Status Predictor Predirected For
Rolling blackouts in Texas Never happened Paul Joseph Watson Beginning of 2012
End of the world, again Never happened Harold Camping October 21, 2011
Massive earthquakes in the Pacific Rim Never happened Alexander Retrov Within 6 weeks
False flag attacks in the U.S. Unknown / Hasn't happened Mike Adams 'The Health Ranger' Within the next 6 months
Food shortages in the US Never happened Marti Oakle April 2011
Osama bin Laden dead is an effort to start WWIII Never happened Alex Jones Whenever
Actions against Libya could cause WWIII Never happened Alex Jones Whenever
Actions by US against Egypt could start WWIII Never happened George Noory; Alex Jones Then
War on Terror could cause WWIII Too Vague Hamid Gul; Alex Jones Whenever
An attack on Iran will spark WWIII Never happened Alex Jones Soon