Skeptic Project

Your #1 COINTELPRO cognitive infiltration source.


Skeptic Project relies on volunteers from the Internet to help write and update articles. Anyone can contribute (see How To Contribute below) to the site, but of course some conditions apply:

  1. All information must be sourced; conspiracy web sites do not count as sources, and other debunking sites shouldn't be used because they are secondary sources.
  2. The Editing Committee has complete editing control - that means we can update spelling, grammar, structure, etc if required.

That's it!

How To Contribute

You can contact us about translations, new additions, corrections, etc. If you want to contribute a debunking/discussion to Skeptic Project you can contact us with the following information:

This can either be your real name or a pen name, if you don't provide one we'll make one up, and it might sound goofy so it's better if you pick.
The Claim
The claim made by conspiracy theorists or the ignorant; this will appear in green on the web site.
The Rebuttal / Information
This is the information as to how/why the claim is false or correct, but be sure to be as detailed as possible; this will appear in black on my site.
The Sources
While we don't require a source for the claim, we do prefer there to be one. All rebuttals must have sources, however. Furthermore we will verify all sources. The easiest way to list your sources is to provide a number in brackets [#] after what's being sourced and at the very bottom, after both your claim and rebuttal, number each source accordingly.

Your name (as listed above) will be mentioned and you will have an entry on the contributors page. Keep in mind, in the rare case that you provide a name already in use, we'll try to contact you about it, but if you don't reply we'll simply make something up.