Skeptic Project

Your #1 COINTELPRO cognitive infiltration source.


Skeptic Project (The Website formally known as Conspiracy Science) is an online community of skeptics, freethinkers, and others which aims to look into extraordinary and bizarre claims made by individuals in the conspiracy, paranormal, alternative health, and pseudo-scientific communities. The site began in late 2007 with a series of articles analyzing some popular conspiracy theories on the Internet at the time.

There are two types of content on the site, the first being contributed, which is essentially anything that's posted by any member that holds some sort of value information-wise. Contributed content can be voted on by other members, updated, appended, etc. The other type of content is reviewed content, which are articles created from contributed content that go into great detail on a given topic or sometimes entire film. All reviewed content is critiqued by the Editing Committee, which itself is made up of the largest contributors to the site.

The community's lax rules, yet ironically high standards for reviewed content, has helped it stand out in the broader skeptic and debunking communities, but also of course made it quite despised in conspiracy communities.