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Team Review

Team Review allows multiple people to contribute to a rather cumbersome task: reviewing all of the information in various conspiracy films or simply massive topics. Instead of one person contributing a lot of work, we can instead have multiple people contribute a bit of work.

Once each claim has been reviewed an administrator can then "publish" the article -- that means it looks prettier and only administrators can edit it.

Waiting for Review

Feel free to jump right in and start reviewing claims, however be sure to provide accurate sources and back up everything you say -- no matter how trivial you believe it to be.

Title Section Category
Police State 2000 Alex Jones Conspiracies
"The Hunger Games": A Glimpse at the Future? Vigilant Citizen Conspiracies
Alex Jones' Engame Alex Jones Conspiracies
Montauk Project Government Conspiracies
JFK Assassination JFK Conspiracies
Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracies Terrorism Conspiracies
Conspiracy of Silence Abuse Conspiracies Other

Other Articles

Here are other articles that need contributions that were created prior to the introduction of team review.