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+ Theorists

1) Shaini Goodwin (a/k/a "The Dove of Oneness")

2) Patrick H. Bellringer

3) Sheldan Nidle

4) Jennifer Lee

5) Mark Huber

+ Claims

NESARA, the "National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act," was a proposed law suggested by retired engineer Harvey Barnard (believed to have died in 2005). He suggested abolishing the Federal Reserve in favor of a different monetary system. Although Barnard publicized the proposed law, most notably through a self-published book called "Draining the Swamp," it has not been introduced into Congress.

Conspiracy theorists unconnected with Barnard, most notably Shaini Goodwin of Washington State, have contended the following:

-- NESARA was introduced into Congress, passed and signed into law in 2000 by then-President Bill Clinton.

-- A "gag order" was instituted (by whom depends on the source making the claim) threatening with death any government or banking official who publicly acknowledges the existence of NESARA.

-- When "announced," NESARA will immediately institute world peace, zero out all form of consumer debt, abolish income taxes, dismantle the Federal Reserve, and end "unconstitutional government." Some theorists also claim that the announcement of NESARA will trigger the delivery of "prosperity packets" of free money, either to (depending on the source making the claim) everyone in America; everyone in the world; or investors in certain "programs" dating back to the 1990s.

-- The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were masterminded by the opponents of NESARA on the eve of the law's proposed announcement, in order to divert public attention away from the law and prevent the announcement.

-- Since 9/11, the announcement of NESARA and deliver of the "prosperity packets" has been thwarted regularly and repeatedly by the Illuminati, the Bush family, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the World Bank, the government of the People's Republic of China, reptilian aliens of David Icke mythos, Queen Elizabeth II and numerous other persons and organizations. The claims to this effect have been virtually daily since at least the spring of 2006.

NESARA has become a popular subject on the website ( of Patrick H. Bellringer, retired forester and theologian from Minnesota. Bellringer publishes almost-daily updates from an anonymous source, known only as "Casper," who purports to report from "behind the scenes" about the progress being made in getting NESARA announced. These updates state repeatedly that the announcement is imminent, only to be followed by another report stating that announcement and delivery has been thwarted again.

+ Sources
1) [website of Harvey Barnard]