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On The Conspiracy Circuit - The Flat Earth Society

This week we trek the whole of the flat earth to find out which forum posts make the most sense on the Flat Earth Society's web site.

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The Flat Earth Society has forums, actually two separate forums, with so many posts worth sharing that I don't think I'll be able to do them in one article, instead I'll wait and do some more another time. There are many reasons why some people believe the world is actually flat and it's being covered up, the two most popular views I've seen thus far are because:

  1. Television stations and cell phone companies make more money broadcasting lower quality singles and use the curvature of the Earth as an excuse for this, and thus cover it up
  2. Money that's used for space programs like NASA and the ESA actually go to creating fake photos and evidence of space so they can get more money to continue their fake space program.

There are others, but those are two of the funniest worth sharing.

Let's share some of the things discussed on the highly scientific Flat Earth Society forums.

I guess this guy's associate didn't take into account that the Earth was believed to be round for thousands of years prior to the labor movement and the establishment of minimum wage. I guess they were keeping it secret then too.

Obvious, I know.

Doesn't this sound the stuff you hear from truthers? You're sheep for coming to Conspiracy Science.

Google admits it in their documentation! We've got a flat Earth Alex Jones on our hands, always saying it's documented but almost never providing evidence for it.

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