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Predictions - Food shortages in the US

Submitted By: Wolf Bird
Author: Marti Oakle
Status: Never happened
Source: Link
Predicted: January 30, 2011
Happens: April 2011


A planned food shortage in the US is scheduled for April 2011 - by then, food will be too expensive for Americans to afford and supermarket shelves will be empty. Nefarious forces behind the scenes are going to intentionally starve Americans by exporting food where they can sell it for a higher price. The article also talks about riots in other parts of the world as signs of a food crisis. From the article:

All indicators and market predictions point to April as the time when food prices rise so high here in the US few of us will be able to afford much of anything. With more than 22 million Americans out of work and only 1 job for every 5 applicants, home foreclosures still at an all time high and while the homeless population grows across the country we are also faced with a government that is absolutely dedicated to deconstructing every last vestige of our Republic; we are facing a volatile situation.

These predictions have been popular at least since 2008, and obviously remain such.


Well, it's August 2011 as of this writing, and I can still buy food in supermarkets for not-unreasonable prices. I could do that in April too. This prediction, like previous food shortage predictions, failed to pass.