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Author: Clock (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 08, 2013 at 19:27



Current Status: Active

Basic Info: A former Zeitgeister and follower of the Venus Project, who abandoned the group after doing his research that many of the ideals promised by the Venus Project are not capable to be done in this present day and age, despite the project leaders constantly saying otherwise. When attempting discussing their "facts" that are not exactly true, the leaders deemed the discussions as "a waste of time". He eventually left because of the group focusing fanaticism and having cult like tendencies, which led to the creation of his famous blog "Zeitgeist Is a Mind Heist" or also known as the "Anticultist Blog". He is also the reason to why Zeitgeist became a common subject on this website. Recently his blog went down due to conspiracy theorists being mad about it, but the blog was reuploaded onto Skeptic Project by contributor Burger King here.