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September 11th Conspiracies - Hijackers

Author: Edward L Winston
Contributors: Dave Sorensen

This page relates to the hijackers in the September 11th attacks as well as the planners such as Osama bin Laden. Obviously Osama bin Laden did not hijack anything personally, but for the sake of having all the information in one simple place, we have everything on one page. I think I may be missing some conspiracy theories, as some of these are harder to find because they are not as popular, if you know of any more, please contact me.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreknowledge of the Attacks
    1. John Ashcroft Stopped Taking Commercial Flights
    2. Financing Deemed of Little Significance
    3. Mayor Willie Brown was Warned not to Fly
    4. FBI had DNA Samples Before the Attacks
    5. Bush and bin Laden have Connections to the Carlyle Group
  2. Hijackers
    1. Atta's Connection with General Ahmed
    2. Hijacker's Passport Found
    3. Hijackers Found Alive
    4. No Links to Osama bin Laden
    5. Hani Hanjour was a Bad Pilot
    6. Hijackers not on Passenger Manifests
    7. Flight School Dropouts
    8. Hijackers Trained by the US Government
    9. CNN Admits There was no Proof of Hijackers' Identities
    10. Atta and Abramoff
    11. Strip Clubs and Bars
    12. There's no real evidence that the terrorists were on the planes
    13. The phone calls were faked
  3. Shafig bin Laden, G. H. W. Bush, and the Carlyle Group
  4. Osama bin Laden
    1. Fake Osama bin Laden Video

Foreknowledge of the Attacks

This section covers many subsections on whether or not the United States government and others knew about the attack before it happened.

John Ashcroft Stopped Taking Commercial Flights

Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped taking commercial flights before the attacks.

Josh Ashcroft's testimony to the 9/11 Commission does a good job at explaining[1]:

My wife traveled to Germany and back in August. My wife and I traveled to Washington, D.C., on the 3rd of September before the 17th -- before the 11th attack on commercial aircraft.

I have exclusively traveled on commercial aircraft for my personal travel; continued through the year 2000, through the entirety of the threat period to the nation.

The assessment made by the security team and the Department of Justice was made early in the year. It was not related to a terrorism threat as a threat to the nation. It was related to an assessment of the security for the attorney general, given his responsibilities and the job that he undertakes. And it related to the maintenance of arms and other things by individuals who travel with the attorney general. And it was their assessment that we would be best served to use government aircraft.

These were not private chartered jet aircraft. These were aircraft of the United States government. And it was on such an aircraft that I was on my way to an event in Milwaukee on the morning of September the 11th. 

Financing Deemed of Little Significance

The 9/11 Commission deemed the financing of the attacks was "of little significance" in their official report

Actually, this quote is taken completely out of context, the commission actually said that they knew funding came from Al Qaeda, but where Al Qaeda itself received the money was not known, mainly because they had so many sources of money. They did attempt to track it down, and the leads ran cold. Therefore, "at this time", finding the exact origin of the money used for 9/11 was "of little practical significance"[2].

Whether or not this has changed and the exact origin is now known, I do not know yet and therefore cannot comment. I can, however, say that this out-of-context quote is very insignificant evidence to a 9/11 conspiracy.

Mayor Willie Brown was Warned not to Fly

San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown, was warned not to take a flight that he was scheduled for on the morning of September 11, 2001.

The US State Department issued a worldwide advisory on September 7th, 2001 -- as they do from time to time. The advisory stated that Americans "may be the target of a terrorist threat." This raised concerns for Americans on foreign soil, but no mention at all of an attack on US Soil, much less by airplanes[2].

FBI had DNA Samples Before the Attacks

The FBI had DNA examples of the 9/11 terrorists before the attack[23].

This claim is actually taken from an article detailing identification of bodies, and is an outright lie[24]:

Though the remains of 1,594 of the 2,749 WTC victims have so far been identified by name, Shaler makes clear the terrorists were a case apart.

To begin with, Shaler's office could not identify the three by name. That's because the 10 DNA profiles used to make the first matches were supplied by the FBI without names attached."

No names, just a K code, which is how the FBI designates 'knowns,' or specimens it knows the origins of," Shaler wrote. "Of course, we had no direct knowledge of how the FBI obtained the terrorists' DNA."

The article does not state or imply anywhere that the samples were obtained "before the attack". 

Bush and bin Laden have Connections to the Carlyle Group

Both the Bush and bin Laden families have large financial stakes in the Carlyle Group, a major defense contractor, which has made billions from the Iraq War.

The Carlyle Group is not a defense contractor, they do many things, such as Telecom and Media works (which makes up the largest 22%), and their defense work is barely 1% of their interest. Even then, the terrorist attacks did not help the Carlyle Group; UDI, the defense works company that Carlyle Group had 40% stake in, had its stock drop 17% in 2002. Needless to say, Carlyle Group was not impressed and in May 2004, they sold all of their UDI stocks, and now have no defense companies.[50] Even so, the bin Laden family's shares were terminated in October 2001[51]. Regardless, it really means nothing that the Bush family and bin Laden family invested in the same company, thousands of other people invested as well, including George Soros, a known anti-Bush proponent who wants to legalize drugs because he has a bunch of land in South America to grow them.

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