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Benjamin Stewart

Artist's Depiction

Who is Benjamin Stewart? Well that's a difficult question to answer according to him. Unlike him, however, I'm not afraid to use labels and point out the obvious. First and foremost he's one of the most "interesting" conspiracy theorists I've ever come across, as he manages to combine nearly every conspiracy theory, even ones that sometimes contradict each other, into his first movie. In his second movie he changes pace and starts going into the New Age, feel food, self-righteous, garbage that you find in The Secret and various other misinterpreted ancient philosophies.

It seems as though Benjamin likes to write his name "Benjamin: Stewart", I guess this is to avoid legal problems that he lays out in both movies and I discuss in full. It seems he's repeating that up-and-coming hype about how if YOUR NAME is in all caps, then laws under an all caps name don't apply to you, or some such nonsense. For the most part the movies are made by him, but they also seem to involve his brother "Daniel: Stewart".


Esoteric Agenda
If you thought Alex Jones was bad about promoting inconsistent conspiracy theories, you're in for a big surprise.
New Age stuff, mixed mildly with conspiracy theories about law.


Just like my other film reviews, each statement from the movie will appear in green, and my text is black. Both of his films today have content added and removed between versions; new content is always in blue, removed content in red.