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Myths and conspiracies related to health and healing, there are a lot, which isn't really surprising.

Açaí berries
Can açaí berries really cure everything some say they can?
Is fluoride good for teeth or meant to destroy humanity?
H1N1 / Swine Flu
Myths and conspiracies surrounding the H1N1 aka the Swine Flu virus and its vaccine.
Myths and misinformation regarding hepatitis.
Herpes / Fever Blisters / Cold Sores
Myths, conspiracies, and general confusion surrounding herpes / fever blisters / cold sores.
This article is dedicated to the many myths and conspiracy theories surrounding HIV / AIDS as well as AIDS denialism.
Myths and misinformation regarding HPV and vaccines for it.
There are countless conspiracy theories, myths, and crazy claims surrounding vaccinations, and I do my best to discuss the most popular.
Vitamin B17
What exactly is going on with amygdalin / laetrile / vitamin B17? Does it cure cancer?