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Jeff Rense

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: November 18th, 2009

Jeff Rense is a conspiracy theorist who believes and says a lot of the same things as Alex Jones, except Jeff Rense says the ones in control of the world are actually Zionists. When he says Zionists, he doesn't mean the group of socialists from the early 20th century and beyond that wish to establish a Jewish homeland, rather he uses it to refer to all Jews, even though he claims he doesn't, his radio show, fans, the content of his web site, etc speak much louder to his beliefs than random backtracking he may dish out.

I don't really have anything to put on this page yet because Rense doesn't seem to have any movies or anything like that, so I'm not sure what I will put here, but there will be something eventually.

Apparently there was (or is) a feud going on between Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, I'm not sure of the exact details yet, but here's the run down as I understand it so far:

  1. Alex Jones and Jeff Rense both used to broadcast on Genesis Communications Network, but Rense doesn't anymore
  2. At some point Alex Jones called Jeff Rense and threatened to sue him
  3. Jeff Rense and his fans say that Alex Jones is a Zionist shill
  4. Jeff Rense and his fans constantly talk about how Alex Jones is a secret Jew because his wife has a Jewish maiden name, therefore it's all a conspiracy somehow.
  5. This is fucking stupid