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Alex Jones - Introduction

Alex Jones is a talk radio show host from Dallas, Texas - though I'm pretty sure that he spends most of his time in Austin, Texas today. I first heard of Alex Jones in 2000 from somewhere on the Internet. He didn't seem much different from any other conspiracy theorist out there at the time, but in recent years he's blown up and become a rather large figure in the conspiracy arena.

Originally this site was only going to cover the Zeitgeist movie, but I really enjoyed researching that film and I decided I wanted to do something else. Alex Jones tells people to "look at the evidence and decide for yourself" - so that's what I'm doing. Keep in mind that I will also discuss movies he directed, produced, and wrote even if someone else's name is on them, for two primary reasons:

  1. Any movies he produces, directs, etc he has a heavy hand in the content
  2. He is almost always associated as a creator of the film by his fans, followers, etc.

Unfortunately I couldn't find transcripts to all of his movies, only a few of them, and I was really wanting to start with his first movie and then go through the list. I could type out the transcripts myself, but that takes a lot of time. So, I started on the ones I do have the transcripts for, starting with the earliest and moving to the newest one at this time, the Obama Deception.


This is a list of complete and incomplete articles related to Alex Jones on my web site. If you want to see only the ones that are completed, see the list on the left side of this page.

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove
Released in 2000 this film covers the occult agenda Alex Jones believes is happening at the Bohemian Grove in California. It also contains footage of him sneaking in and his analysis of their "summer ritual".
The Order of Death
Released in 2005 this is the follow up to Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove - it contains some new footage from an "insider" at the Grove, as well as more analysis from Alex Jones about the occult.
The Obama Deception
Released in 2009, this movie is likely to be Alex Jones' most popular movie of all time. It covers President Barack Obama and what his true agenda is.


One of the things that makes discussing Alex Jones harder than discussing Zeitgeist is that he makes many vague statements and statements with blind sources -- such as "The UN is going to take over the world", without any discussion of how or why. I'll do my best to discuss all I can in the various articles related to him, and if I can't find the origin for a statement he makes, I'll say so and attempt to discuss his statement without any sources - I'll be sure to note I do not have any sources if that case comes up.

As usual, statements from the movie will appear in a different color, usually green, and my statements, quotes, etc appear in black.

One important issue I've found when researching Alex Jones is that he sees what he believes and not the other way around. Meaning he wants to see something so he sees it, instead of what's actually happening.