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Author: Edward L Winston
Added: June 6th, 2014
Updated: April 24th, 2016

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How does Broome respond to non-believers[15]?

...I believe it could be a false memory if it was unique to that person and no one else. I'd also give the explanation credibility if connected people seemed to share the same false memory. So far, the majority of people are giving credible, unique descriptions of events and most (not all) details match comments by apparently unrelated people. Further, this topic originated in a Dragon*Con "green room" discussion where the subject came up spontaneously and a surprising number of people shared similar memories of Mandela dying in prison.

I suppose this is a reasonable explanation if you have a very flexible definition of credible and unique. You will find though, they are absolutely unique to each person, they typically contradict each other in many ways, as common misconceptions tend to. Further, let's take a look at some of the common canned responses we see with the context of the above:

  • "I was watching a lot of TV at the time, I would have seen it." is not even remotely credible.
  • "Oh yeah, I remember that too, he totally died already." is not a unique description.
  • Osama bin Laden dying in 2001, 2006 and 2011 are not matching details.
  • And finally, this is all working under the assumption that memory is never faulty, that people never mix up their memories. Or that people have never been known to simply think something happened when it didn't.

But is it possible some people reporting alternative memories could suffer from a mental illness? According to Fiona Broome, no way José[16]:

My main reason for creating and maintaining this website is to let people know that their memories are not always faulty. In fact, some of their most confusing memories may have happened exactly as they remember them (or close to that), and others share those same memories.

At its simplest, I want this website to assure people, "You're not losing your mind. You simply remember a different -- but very real -- history from another timestream… and there's nothing ‘wrong' about that. This website demonstrates that you're not alone. Go with the flow of the timestream where you are, now. You're not ‘broken'. Eventually, science will explain this so it becomes an ‘everyone knows' understanding of physics.

It's amazing how we can suddenly leap from "[your] memories are not always faulty," a somewhat reasonable idea to "You simply remember a different -- but very real -- history." Definitely trying to cover all bases here[16].

I believe this community includes many wonderful people with fresh, helpful insights. I want to encourage that dialogue while being mindful of how fragile some people are, especially when they're new to these concepts. That's when they can be most fragile. I'd like to give them the space they need to come to terms with this reality, even when they're clearly at a stage where they're struggling to understand how this could be real. Their memories aren't ‘wrong', but others' aren't necessarily, either. All can exist in the multiverse.

Basically, it's an insular community of struggling, fragile babies that can never be wrong. The only dialog encouraged is the kind that reinforces mental illnesses and a general delusional mindset. It can be summed up with the phrase: you're right because you think you are.

Oh but surely, science will eventually vindicate them. Science will prove that this belief system, obviously inspired by a TV show, is totally real! Except current scientific thought means there is no way any of these people are time traveling, sliding, whatever. It's very precious how Broome pretends to be an academic, but there's nothing intelligent, truth seeking, or noble about pretending you can never be wrong.

Since she even admits that all of these ideas can exist in the multiverse, I'm calling it right here, in this universe, she's dead wrong about everything and a complete narcissist.

And it's true because I think it and anything can be true, so I'm right -- and I also definitely remember being a handsome stud who pioneered grunge rock.

Now, time to get on with the freak show.

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