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Mandela Effect

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Author: Edward L Winston
Added: June 6th, 2014
Updated: April 24th, 2016

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Do you find it confusing? Hard to understand why anyone would believe this? Well, that's because it's ridiculously stupid. In fact, it's so ridiculous that it's really hard to even debunk, because they don't provide really any testable hypotheses or theories, simply recounting how they remember something and insisting that their memories are written in stone.

There's basically no attempt to explain how this happens, to truly and academically explore quantum physics and the current reality of multiple universes as we (theoretically) know it. That's odd, considering Broome claims to have "worked at MIT." I imagine this is because they would quickly realize all of this is impossibly stupid. Instead, of any remote attempts at hypotheses, the site contains mostly stories about old dead celebrities or celebrities so old they should be dead.

There's a certain overt narcissism about it as well -- in that it's essentially a declaration that if you remember something contrary to reality, it's not because you are mistaken, but rather reality itself has been altered, because you are infallible. Let me clarify that some believers really only take this seriously on one or two commonly held misconceptions -- such as Nelson Mandela was dead, hence the name -- there are, as you will see, those who are so narcissistic and delusional that literally every single mistake in remembering they make, no matter how small, is in fact a result of this syndromeeffect.

The concept is worth exploring though, I think, if for no other reason than to gawk in awe -- but if we really want to break it down into its simplest logic we can.

What is more likely:
1) There's no possible way you simply are remembering something incorrectly from 20 years ago and you're simply mistaken, rather your memory is impeccable, in fact unimpeachable, it is reality itself which has been altered or you have viewed an alternative version of reality.
2) All those years sniffing glue fucked up your brain and you aren't remembering it correctly -- or you're a narcissist, a really delusional one.

I have to give some credit to 9/11 Truthers and Alex Jones. At least they attempt to provide evidence -- even if it's highly misleading or made up. At least they're trying to make their case, as misguided as it is -- but why bother with anything in the way of evidence, consistency or even logic? Why not simply base your bizarre, narcissistic worldview on a 90s television show? Why bother at all when the proof is literally all in your head?

The Mandela Effect is named after the idea that many people "remember" Nelson Mandela dying in prison, sometime in the late 70s, 80s, or 90s. The fact that there's no consistency is a very common aspect of these memories -- there doesn't need to be any consistency, just say it was another universe, or "timestream" into which you've slipped out of or into... or something and are somehow experiencing with other people.

Other common "memories":

It's pretty hard hitting stuff.

Why would anyone believe historically and geographically inaccurate memories when they can quickly be fact checked? Because there are no such things as facts -- if you believe hard enough, it definitely happened. It really did, guys, I swear! And if no one else thinks it happened, it just happened in another universe, or timestream, or multiverse, ... or whatever which you have somehow arrived from.

Don't you worry about credibility issues, these are MENSA qualified people.

My favorite part of this is the insistence that they have seriously researched their memories to make sure there is no confusion. You only have to read the comments of the website's board to know that isn't true. Not only that, but what in the hell does being educated have to do with memory of some event years ago?

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