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On The Conspiracy Circuit - I'm not crazy, I'm on Prison Planet

This week we delve into the complex mind of posters on Prison Planet and whether or not psychosis has already set in.

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Every terrorist attack is an inside job, but it's possible one day a terrorist attack could actually be perpetrated by a real terrorist, but I doubt it.

This is always the best and most logical response to someone who says Alex Jones is delusional. We can't have anyone cast doubt on our leader.

Everyone who disagrees openly with us or demands more evidence is obviously siding with our enemies - but I'm not paranoid or delusional!

I think when war starts you likely won't see most of the people in the Alex Jones/Truther/etc movement do anything other than get sexually excited that they can now be the revolutionary hero they see themselves as - but actually fighting, I don't know if it's safe to do that, I think I'll just stick to the forums.

Yeah, it's legal, except CPS is just a government organization that takes children away from us perfectly sane, clean, stable, and sociable people, but outside that they do nothing. While we're on the topic, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone ever being charged or prosecuted for child abuse, molestation, or rape, EVER.

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