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On The Conspiracy Circuit - I'm not crazy, I'm on Prison Planet

This week we delve into the complex mind of posters on Prison Planet and whether or not psychosis has already set in.

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Don't you wish you were in America so you could bask in the glory of defending our freedoms against invisible and indefinable enemies?

The Taliban is on our side, even though they're funded by the CIA, they're still fighting against the New World Order. If you ever bring up the constitution, you're a terrorist, and they'll seriously fuck you up! If something isn't reported in the mainstream media, it must be true because they won't report it! LSD testing in the CIA is proof of the Fourth Reich, it's so obvious.

The collapse of the USSR actually happened after shock therapy, which is why my comparison to the Roman Empire and the Bible makes much more sense, it's so easy when you change history.

They're using technology that doesn't exist yet, that has 666 on it, to inject you with nanobots which help track you. This will obviously give them power over you, as they track you to and from your computer, to kitchen, to the bathroom, and once a week to Wal-Mart. Your freedom will perish because of the beast!

Again, it must be true because it's not being reported. I've never seen a program on any channel talking about the moon landing being faked. Not on the History Channel, not on MythBusters, not on Shotime's Bullshit!, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS, no where, ever. They're sweeping it right under the rug.

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