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People - Joseph Moshe

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: February 3rd, 2010

There's a lot of misinformation going around about a man named Joseph Moshe. Let's review the claims one by one, starting at the most obvious.

Joseph Moshe is a MOSSAD microbiologist who warned against the Swine Flu being a biological weapon and was arrested for it.

Like a flu itself, this conspiracy theory spread through the web, especially amongst the "Israel really controls the United States" crowd. As usual, however if we look at the most obvious details first, we can find out what the real story is.

A man named Joseph Moshe was arrested in Los Angeles for making threats against the White House[1]. Right away people were saying that this was Moshe Bar-Joseph, a biologist specializing in plant virology[2]. The names are similar, but they're not the same. It would be like claiming Antonio Marcos is the same person as Marcos de Antonio, or Friedrich George is the same person as George von Friedrich, or even Edward Winston and Winston Edward are the same person; I think you get my point. According to the Los Angeles Police Department[3], his first name is Joseph and his last name is Moshe, period.

Just because the names are similar doesn't mean they're the same person. This isn't the only problem, however. According to the previously sourced LAPD document, Joseph Moshe was born December 5th, 1952[3] (the original Huffington Post article also states that he's 56[1]), however according to a biological journal from 1990, Moshe Bar-Joseph was born in 1939, and that his last name is Bar-Joseph, and first name Moshe[4].

But it still doesn't end there!

Conspiracy theorists like comparing photographs, so let's do that here.

Joseph Moshe[5] Moshe Bar-Joseph[6]

If Osama bin Laden appearing slightly darker in one image is enough for conspiracy theorists to say that he's two different people, then they surely cannot deny these are absolutely two different individuals. For a recap, the name, age, and photographs of the two individuals do not match up at all.

Simply saying someone works for MOSSAD because their name is similar to another person, and they're both Jewish is stupid. One of the biggest promoters of this conspiracy theory is, interestingly their tag line is "You can't make this up." Well, apparently you can.

As for the biological weapon claim, I couldn't find a single original source for it, just the same individuals lying about Joseph Moshe and Moshe Bar-Joseph being the same person claiming it was said. If they lied about one thing, why wouldn't they lie about another?