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Team Review - Police State 2000

This article is still in review, so verify all information before you consider it.

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: Aug 29, 2012
Edited: Mar 23, 2013
Contributors: anticultist, emcada, slayerx3, Sasori, Clock

[Alex Jones]
My name's Alex Jones I'm a radio television host in Austin, Texas and for many years I've been exposing the criminal activities of the global elite - otherwise known as the New World Order. These folks don't make their money out of the production of good and services or via creativity. They make their money in the stock and trade of slavery and control of populations. In the next two hours you will see hardcore documentation, evidence that is irrefutable that America is turning into a nightmarish police state. Cameras on street corners, mass check points on our major interstate highways, warrantless searches, but worst of all, you'll see America's military being perverted, being turned into an instrument of control, not an instrument of defense.

At the beginning of the movie we see his typical wingnuttery and delusional mindset. The first thing I would like to state that There are no mass check
points on highways. There are no warrantless searches, and Cameras are not
on every street corner. Alex Jones is taking much of this and sensationalizing it to make it
look like something that's authoritarian and evil. He is twisting what
he sees into something it is not. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

I have footage, and you going to see it, of marines engaging in mock gun confiscations, kicking in doors, setting up concentration camps, and working with foreign troops from China, Russia, Britain, Australia. It's incredible, my friends, and you've got to face up to it, I've got to face up to it, we've got to take action.

That is what marines do a lot of in Iraq and Afghanistan, kicking in
doors and confiscating guns. The marines are training to do this
overseas, not here. and besides, why would chinese and Russian troops want anything to do with us. The only reason we are working with foreign troops is for traning purposes. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

He always says he has footage of something, but it almost always is false footage or something taken completely out of context. I question what he means by concentration camps too. My guess is he's referring to FEMA camps as that's the one thing he won't shut up about.

Since when does working with foreign troops mean that we're heading towards a police state? The USA has worked with foreign troops for a number of years and neither of these alliances has resulted in a police state.

Finally, is his claim of an alliance between China, Russia, and Britain when in another video he makes another claim that the US is working to take these countries under their control. Just goes to show the inconsistentcies of conspiracy theorists' claims [ EMC ] [ Sources ]

But perhaps worst of all is Delta Force, Army special operations, from Fort Bragg North Carolina, slamming into south Texas towns during Operation Last Dance. Buildings ablaze, power lines down, live fire exercises, the citizenry terrorized. Again, this isn't some foreign country; this is America, psychological warfare against the population.

There were actually some news stories that appeared legit, however, the stories came from World Net Daily, A right wing nut site. SlayerX3 has more details [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

There is a problem with this statement, besides some far right blogs, the only "news" website who published any articles regarding Operation Last Dance was WND and Caller2, not even alternate news outlets address the event. Possibly this was an over exaggerated local report from a training from Fort Bragg.

While WND did a rather alarmist report of an join military training between the local police and the Delta Force, Caller2 only reported how the training disrupted the locals, which weren't warned with the justification the Joint Ops didn't want bystanders near live ammo training.

The only figure who spoke about what their true intentions were was the FEMA official Tomas Sanchez. Whether Sanchez was really interviewed or not is not clear, but it according to the article it is about an illegal training to instill martial law in continental US.

It doesn't help when looking up for pictures or videos of Operation Last Dance your mostly likely results are from video games and table top games, not news, not amateur pictures nothing slightly similar to an operation simulating a martial law and warfare in urban USA. [ SLA ] [ Sources ]

Why are armored personal carriers being delivered, every week to small towns and big cities, but not for the military, for police? Why is military training with our police? And what's happening? My friends, this is the battle for the republic.

"Why is military training with our police?"
Answer:The military trains SWAT teams. That's typical SWAT team tactics
they're training in.
"Every week" sounds like an overgeneralization. don't ya think?! [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

The enemy is not our police and it's not our military, it is those that would pervert and twist the sacred oath that our peace officers and military folks have sworn to uphold, that and to defend our country, from enemies foreign and domestic. It's up to you, this whole criminal system, this whole [?] we see unfolding before our eyes is done through ignorance.

This is just an attempt to make what he has said so far appear
truthful by appealing to our emotions rather then presenting real
facts. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

If the enemy is not the police or the armed forces , why then is he seen accusing ordinary police men of being involved in corruption he believes is occurring when they ignore his accusations ?

This man says he is behind the police forces when it suits his agenda, but as soon as they are non compliant with his fantasy he confronts them as being involved in some scheme he has invented in his mind. [ ANT ] [ Sources ]

It's up to educate to cop that lives next door to you or to talk to your friend who's a captain or a colonel or a general or a private in the United States military. It's up to you to educate them about what's happening and refresh their memory about history. We are repeating what happened in 1933 Germany. My friends, it's up to you. In the next 2 hours, again, you're gonna see the documentation. It's irrefutable. And I challenge you to research the information you'll see born out in this documentary. Here are just a few scenes you'll see in the next 2 hours, so sit back and educate yourselves about what's happening to our nation. As I said, it is a battle for the republic.

see the above [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

I'm pretty sure that the cop next door would be well aware when some gran plot to place the US under a totalitarian regime, unless of course we're supposed to start storing up guns for when the time comes in which case fighting would be rather pointless. [ EMC ] [ Sources ]

[Various clips and so forth]

[Alex Jones]
Warrantless random searches on America's interstate highways. We think this is a good a place as any to start our story. I know what some of you are thinking, though. You're thinking, "Hey, there must've been a child molester or axe murderer loose." No, my friends, these are warrantless random searches. All part of being guilty until proven innocent. The checkpoints, brought to you as something as innocuous, as seemingly as the presidential intuitive on seat belt use. The Clinton administration, supposed liberals, allotted over 2 billion plus dollars for 1999 alone for nazi behavior.

The Clinton administration did not "allot over 2 billion plus dollars for 1999 alone for nazi behavior". since when were checkpoints part of random warrantless searches? For the most part, they have completely innocent uses, such as a highway inspecting vehicular weights or stopping vehicles on a public roadway looking for impaired drivers. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

But not just the socialists in the Democratic Party, oh no, the Republicans and the Supreme Court have been backing warrantless random searches of anybody the police feel like pulling over and harassing. Again, in a police state, police don't have to work very hard.

So they're working to put themselves out of business? This is like campaigning to have your job outsourced so you'll have more time for TV. [ ELW ] [ Sources ]

But in a republic, in a country with freedom, they do. This is not an attack on the police. It's a cry for help to every American. Now we're about to go out and speak to some of the police and expose what they're doing and hopefully reactivate their conscience.

But I thought the police was part of the entire scheme? Why would he bother to "wake them up" if they are part of the entire system in itself?

Oh, never mind, it's MOST cops, except for the ones that agree with him. Jones hypocrisy is hilarious. It's just like when he says the government is evil and yet he supports Ron Paul, who is part of the government. [ CLO ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
We are entering the eye of the checkpoint, caution, reduce speed, checkpoint ahead. Isn't that loving, children? Got a nice big generator running that. Well here's the love, ladies and gentlemen. America, here to take care of you. This happens all the time right here in Austin, Texas, just south of Austin to be exact. Well there's the command unit over there. Nice big Winnebago. Ah, shining their lights in peoples' face. Hello, Waffen SS!

How do we know this is what he claims this is. For all that we know
this could be a police check point where the police are checking for
drunk drivers, which is common on the weekends and holidays [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

[Mike Hanson]
I wouldn't have said that, Alex.

there is nothing to debunk of this claim so there is no debunk for this one. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
Get the searchlights. Jawohl, my friend! Jawohl! And we're gonna go back through the gauntlet. We've got 'em pulling 'em back, pulling 'em off, pulling 'em down back here, all part of Bill Clinton's funding and they love it! We're exiting, turning around; we're going down the access road this time. There's another one right there.

Again, the whole bill clnton funding thing is made up. here, he is clearly using loaded words, a persuasion technique. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

[Mike Hanson]
Whoa, look at the traffic they've got backed up, Alex.

This claim has nothing needing debunking, no debunk for this one. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
All right, here we go. Look at the traffic they've got backed up, it is monumental. And this night vision camera comes in, just lighting it up.

backed up traffic is actually quite common at such checkpoints. States started to do a lot
more drunk driving check points back then, so what is so new about it. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

[Mike Hanson]
Oh my god we are in a police state. What?

[Alex Jones]
All right, let's go. Get him, get him.

[Mike Hanson]
I got it.

Can I help you

[Alex Jones]
Uh, yes sir, I'm a syndicated talk show host, I make documentaries. I'm out here covering this. Let's walk on down, Hanson.

[Mike Hanson]
You-you go, lead the way. Hey, this night vision works good.

Alex Jones and Mike Hanson are walking around near what Is a interstate checkpoint
with camera equipment and night vision equipment, no one does anything about this, including the police officer who
asked them what they were doing, which Alex told him. Doesn't sound
like much of a police state to me. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

So Alex Jones and Mike Hanson came to the conclusion that Texas is a police state because there is traffic on an interstate checkpoint?

That doesn't convince me at all, Jones. [ CLO ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
Here it is my friends, America. 2.4 billion dollars by Bill Clinton 1999 for federal checkpoints. Federal funding. You're seeing MJTF right now. Police from all different counties, central Texas, Austin, working together, brining you the police state. It's gonna get a lot worse, the war against guns is raging. We're in 1936 Germany right now. I'm gonna try to interview one, how much time we got left on the battery?

[Mike Hanson]

All of this is bullshit: there is no historical evidence that Bill clinton at any point has spent 2.4 billion dollars for federal checkpoints. he is making everything up. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

The fact that he is mentioning 1936 Germany is referring to a "Alex Jones Factoids" in which is he says a statement that is false, but made to sound like a fact.
Alex Jones thinks that Hitler asked the people of Germany to hand their guns over in 1936. He used it in the famous Piers Morgan interview, but it's simply not true.

The first gun laws in Germany were made in 1919. This law made firearms illegal, and it's long before Hitler's time. In 1928, guns were made legal again, but permits were needed. In 1928 Shotguns and Assault Rifles were banned and handguns only, but these laws were reviewed in 1938 by the Nazi party to ban guns only for the Jews. [ CLO ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
Here we go, guys. We're getting shined on right here. Well we're getting the light shined on us by the, I mean, black uniforms, everything.

Black uniforms? I guess priests and Batman are evil, too. [ ELW ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
This is incredible. This is incredible. They're, look at that aggressive behavior. Okay guys, America is in deep trouble. Hey, are ya'll MJTF? Is this an MJTF operation?

Actually, we're[...] Serbian soldiers inside the United States [?].

There is no credible evidence that there are serbian soldiers inside the united states. The serbian military had it's own problems back during this period of time when bloodshed was still going on in the balkans. As of today, The use of its military is limited to an attack on Serbia's sovereignty, so it is IMPOSSIBLE that there could have been even a single serbian soldier in the United states. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]

[Alex Jones]
[Laughs] Do you even know where this funding comes from?

Uh, to be honest with you, [unintelligible].

[Alex Jones]
Yeah. Yeah. This stuff is real, sir. And ya'll can rationalize what you're doing. There'll be more decisions for you in the future.

So what if the cop does not know. Maybe he did not have the time to look it up. does that prove anything, No. [ SAS ] [ Sources ]