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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

This film covers Alex Jones and his adventure to find out what's really going on at Bohemian Grove. After you're done reading over this, don't forget to read The Order of Death - Jones' follow up to this film.

Let's just jump right in!

As usual there's a very dramatic introduction sequence, with the music and filters it sort of reminds me of an early Marilyn Manson music video.

[Alex Jones]
Hello, I'm Alex Jones and I'm a radio and television host based in Austin, Texas. And for many years I've been exposing the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order. In past films we've documented the centralization of power, the move towards world government; the attack on the nation state; self defense; the second amendment; family values, that is, the family itself, as well as private property rights.

If you haven't read any of the other Alex Jones articles on my web site, I suggest you check those out as well. He does little to expose real conspiracies in America, such as COINTELPRO, but rather tries to expose imaginary things that have their roots in medieval Europe and anti-Masonic beliefs right here in America.

But time and time again in my research I come, well...eye-to-eye with something that's even hard for me to believe. And that's that the elite, again, the so-called establishment kings, those that know best, the visions of the anointed ones, are obsessed with the occult, from presidents to governors to heads of industry. We've all seen the stories of presidents and first ladies obsessed with their astrologers, making national policy decisions upon their recommendations. Spiritual guides, shamans in the White House, my friends, it gets far worse than that.

It's not just politicians who are interested in the occult, but also regular people. If that weren't the case, you wouldn't find horoscopes in nearly every newspaper in North America.

Now I personally am a Christian, but even an atheist should be concerned about the information we're about to bring forward in this new documentary film, the Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove. You see, for over a 120+ years in northern California in Sonoma County, on a 2,700 acre secluded redwood grove, leaders from around the world, prime ministers, chancellors, presidents, governors, again, the heads of industry, banking, academia, the media, Hollywood. Only a select few, a little over 2,000 people, travel there to engage in bizarre ancient Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery religion ceremonies.

The actual membership number is around 2,700[1] and really is a wide verity of individuals, primarily leaders in business, but also entertainers, politicians on so forth. As far as clubs go, 2,700 does not seem like a "select few", if their true intentions are making decisions here, they sure have a lot of overhead in running the world. I'm not sure how they can be "Canaanite", "Luciferian" and also "Babylon[ian]". These three religions/practices are pretty much incompatible with each other.

The Canaanite religion was not much different than the religion of the Hebrews - where Judaism and Christianity originate[2], where a single god is worshipped, but other gods are acknowledged as actually existing in the Bible[3a to 3z], but there several passages that contradict this[4a to 4d]. Obviously, today's Hebrews, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all faiths that originate from the original Abrahamic faith no longer acknowledge multiple gods, but it was a part of their belief system for several thousand years.

By Luciferian I assume he's referring to Satanists who worship an actual anthropomorphic Satan. Such a belief system actually isn't too different from Christianity, considering if one is willing to worship "Satan" / "The Devil", then one essentially are agreeing that the Christian view of Lucifer is therefore real. And of course, if one admits that aspect of Christianity is real, then one is admitting to worshipping what is considered to be a lesser being, meanwhile acknowledging the Christian God actually exists. Sound confusing? Yeah, I think it's stupid too, but there are actual people out there who do practice this and not all of them are 14-year-olds dressed in black.

The religion of ancient Babylon had a tremendous affect on Judaism and thus Christianity. In fact, concepts such as angels (with wings, that is) and many other stories, such as the creation story, the great flood, and so forth are pretty much identical to earlier Babylonian tales and beliefs. It's very likely those ideas came into Judaism from Babylon. Of course in various areas of ancient Babylon there were gods that played a more central role, depending on the city, such as Ishtar at Akkad[5][6][7]. An interesting side note is that Zeitgeist Part I doesn't mention this, but I did.

I hardly see how these systems could be worshipped and believed in side by side. They have many similarities linking them, but the concepts and central beliefs are all completely different. It's obvious that Alex Jones is simply attempting to take occult sounding belief systems and apply them to the Bohemian Club to make it sound scary. In reality, Alex Jones does not seem to realize how much of the Canaanite religion is identical to his own or how the Assyro-Babylonian religion had a tremendous affect on what became his belief system.

At least, that was the rumors. And so I went to the library and got on the Internet and saw many of the mainstream news articles admitting that world leaders do indeed go there, and they fly into San Francisco and other surrounding cities and they drive into the rural hills and mountains of Northern California...

I have tremendous doubts that Alex Jones thought they were "just rumors." If this thing is so secret, especially if it's a bunch of "dark secrets", how was he able to find so much about it? You can find thousands of pictures of Bohemian Grove events and their little ritual pretty much everywhere[8].

... and that these stories have been coming out that they worship some 45 foot stone owl god. And then I began to read some of the documentation of this "Moloch" character of the Old Testament mentioned many times in Leviticus. That's in the bible. Why are world leaders traveling to the middle of nowhere to worship this thing?

They don't worship the owl. It's likely a reference to Athena - goddess of knowledge - who was constantly seen with an owl in nearly all depictions of her[9][10]. I'm not sure why he's bringing up Moloch, as Moloch is not mentioned by the Bohemian Grove people, nor has Moloch ever been associated with the owl or depicted as an owl, only as a bull. It's really no surprise Moloch is mentioned in the Old Testament, as he was one of the most popular gods in the middle east[11].

Well I had to check it out myself. And I'm proud of my team, Mike Hanson, Violet Nichols, they traveled with me there, we talked to some of the locals discreetly, we successfully infiltrated, with the help of some of the locals and Channel 4, World of Wonder, British television that teamed up with us. And I successfully infiltrated, through the Secret Service, through the guards, through the Sonoma County sheriff's department. We were inside for hours. That's only one day out of the two weeks that they meet there for the admitted summer fire festival of the Bohemian Club.

Well, basically that's enough for me. It's hard to even describe it with words. And I hope that our hidden cameras can give you at least a small piece of what I witnessed. To have world leaders engaging in this type of sickening behavior, oh yes there's much more to come, mock human sacrifices...they claim, just shocks the foundations of what Americans believe their leaders to be. 

Believe their leaders to be? Is he implying that leaders can only be "good ol' Christians"?

And then to have it intimately connected with world government, it doesn't make a lot of sense until you research history. All throughout history, spanning back into the mists of the beginnings of civilization, we see world leaders from the empires of old, from the Aztec kings and priests, to Babylonian leaders, to ancient Rome, engaging in twisted behavior.

If you're familiar with Alex Jones' other movies and my writings on them, you'll find that there's little to no evidence of his world government conspiracy theories. Interestingly enough I found my evidence by researching history, among other things, and his theory still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. That's true, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and even outside of Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, and ancient Europe, you can find not only leaders engaging in twisted behavior, but regular people as well.

Could it be that when you have all the power and all the women and all the money and all the lands and all the art, you have to do something new? You have to go against the basic grain of humanity. You have to get off in a sick way. That's what we witnessed in northern California, July 15th, 2000. Get ready to go inside the Bohemian Grove.

This should be interesting...

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