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Denver International Airport

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 16th, 2009

There are a decent amount of conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport. I've tried to compile all the ones I could find here. Most of them are explained, more or less, in the film The Mysteries of Denver Airport so I included a debunking of that short flick in this article. Conspiracies not included in the film I created a general section for at the beginning of this article.

Nearly every claim made by conspiracy theorists about the airport, from its construction, to size, to function, to history is completely incorrect.

Table of Contents

  1. General Conspiracies
  2. The Mysteries of Denver Airport
    1. Murals
      1. In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part I
      2. The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame I
      3. The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame II
      4. In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part II
    2. Mysterious Work

General Conspiracies

These are general conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport that are not included in the movie below.

The phrase DZIT DIT GAII appears on the floor, it is German and proves a Nazi connection!

Some people say it's German or that it stands for "black sun" which is supposedly another name for the swastika. Neither is true.

The phrase is Navajo and means "White Mountain"[1], there are many Navajo phrases around the airport on the floor. Incase you're curious, the German for Black Sun is "Schwarze Sonne"[2] and the German for White Mountain is "Weiss Berg"[3].

The Mysteries of Denver Airport

This is a mildly popular, but rather short, conspiracy flick about the "mysteries" at Denver Airport (part 1 and part 2). A few notable things about the film are the terrible writing and the ability to make more crazy connections than Alex Jones ever has.

Conspiracy theories have attracted the attention of many people throughout the ages. They range from questioning the US moon landing, the real story behind 9/11, even deaths of rap stars such as Tupac. News and Views brings you a documentary on some anomalies that have been discovered in Denver Airport, Colorado. And what we believe authorities have attempted to cover up about the mysterious characteristics of this airport.

While we're on the topic, I also have articles for the Moon conspiracies, 9/11, and Tupac. If you want to avoid reading this whole thing, it really comes down to the film makers presenting almost no evidence at all of any of their claims and it turns out there's nothing that mysterious really going on.

Any traveler to Denver Airport, Colorado is in for a scary experience. This airport has been the subject of many questions due to the unexplainable symbols, images, and stories that have surfaced.

By unexplainable she means, "perfectly explainable", and by "surfaced" she means "made up".

Lies About Stapleton and the New Airport

Denver Airport was built in 1995 on span of 53 square miles, even though Denver already had a functioning airport, a new one was decidedly built.

The airport was completed in 1995 and the location it rests on is 51.5625 square miles[4]. I talk about the old airport below.

This new airport had less runways and absolutely no new technological advancement. The only thing that this airport has that the old one didn't is a strangely large amount of space.

Stapleton was an old ass airport that opened on October 17th, 1929. By the 1980s there were already plans underway to replace Stapleton because[5][6]:

  • The runways were inadequate and too far apart, leading to severe problems and long waiting times during bad weather
  • There was no room left for expansion for new air lines, such as Southwest who wasn't allowed in Stapleton for said reason.
  • There was a heavy lawsuit over noise brought by residents of the Park Hill community that was near by.
  • There were legal threats by Adams county to block a runway extension into the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Denver's sixth runway is the largest commercial precision-entrustment runway in North America with a record setting 16,000 feet (4,877 m)[9]. Interesting, because that's the exact opposite of what the film claims.

Did it ever occur to them that the airport bought so much land because they had space problems before? This way it pretty much guarantees they'll never have to worry about it ever again. Not to mention that more room is needed for attractions and hotels, they've already started building several hotels

There were numerous advancements made with the new airport:

  • Automated baggage system[7]
  • Solar energy system, though added later[8].
  • The design of the runways made it easier for airport traffic.

Speaking of runways....

When looking at an aerial shot of the new airport, the layout has shocked many. Denver Airport's runways have been situated in such a way that resembles a Nazi Swastika.

Does it really? Let's do a side by side comparison of the airport runways and a swastika:

That's probably the worst swastika I've ever seen, maybe it's good enough for Corky, but not good enough for me.

Not only has the shape of Denver Airport been called to question, but also what is located inside. But who is in charge of all the weird nuances at this airport? The general consensus is that it is the New World Order.

The shape has been called into question, but for no real reason. Now we're going from stupid to insane. So, instead of any kind of building managers or anything like that, it's the New World Order? The NWO sure wastes a lot of time and resources in America, even though most of the population of the Earth doesn't live here. Interestingly, they provide no evidence than a crappy book.

But who are the New World Order? Well, they are an elite group of individuals that include many of the world's wealthiest people, such as well known political leaders and those related to the British Crown.

They're a non-existent cabal. You can read more about the NWO on my site.

But their main goal is to create one united world government that has no regional boundaries, but this would only be possible in one way, and that is to commit a mass genocide and narrow down the world's population to 2 billion people. There reasoning for this, thought, is because there would be more control.

Evidence for this main goal? Why would 2 billion people be the ideal goal for world control? The population of the Earth didn't by-pass 2 billion people until the 1950s[10], thanks to things like vaccinations. Genocide in the past didn't unite the world at all, nor did a lot of deaths. What countries were united under the threat of the bubonic plague? Did all of the countries of Europe merge 400 years ago and nobody noticed?

Denver Airport has a myriad of symbols that are correlated to the New World Order. There is a dedication stone in the airport that mentions the New World Airport Commission - however there is no such thing! The New World Airport Commission is made up and was never created. One can only assume that it is alluding to the New World Order.

The dedication stone is usually referenced because it has a Masonic symbol on it. The origin of Freemasonry is with medieval stone masons who would use their guild for trade secrets. An old tradition is for the local lodge to lay the corner stone with new, large projects - especially innovative ones just like the US capital building, White House, and various time capsules.

The capstone is for a time capsule which was sponsored by a bunch of different organizations, one being the local Freemasonic lodge. The New World Airport Commission did indeed exist but was defunct after the airport was completed[11].

Also there is a plate on the floor that shows the symbols Au Ag. Some may say that this is related to gold and silver, however one of the sponsors of the airport discovered a new, deadly strain of hepatitis known as Australia Antigen, and this is also symbolized by AUAG. What is scary is that this symbol is located right in front of a mural on a wall that is about genocide.

Some may say? That's what it is, hence the mining cart filled with rocks. The symbolization of Australia Antigen is HBsAg[12]. The movie never says the name of the person, probably so it won't be easy to look them up. The person in Baruch Samuel Blumberg who discovered the virus in 1975[13]. I found absolutely no evidence that Blumberg was a "sponsor" for the Denver International Airport in any capacity, there's not even evidence he's even been there - though he might have in a lay over.

There's been a vaccination for Hepatitis B a.k.a. Australia Antigen for a while, even I have received that vaccination[14]. It kills roughly 5-10% of those it infects, even lower than small pox[15].

If the NWO was planning on using this as some kind of super virus as the film later suggests then the NWO is even dumber than they let on, which means we probably have nothing to worry about.

Well let's talk more about the murals in Denver Airport. The murals located in the airport are the most notable features of this airport. The main mural stretches over four walls and was painted by Chicano artist Leo Tanguma, who was in fact, Mayan.

They point out who the artist is but they really ignore this for the rest of the movie. A lot of Tanguma's work reflects Native American and Mexican symbolism. His work has nothing to do with the New World Order or Freemasonry. In his own words:

"My work comes out of the Chicano movement and I'm still trying to be faithful to my original ideal of human dignity for all people ..."[16]

In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part I

This is actually a half of a mural called "The Children of the World Dream of Peace" and is a depiction of the journey from brutality to peace. The second half of this mural is discussed later on in the film, as they skip to another mural.

The first mural here shows three dead women: an African, a Native American, and a young Jewish girl.

What exactly makes her Jewish? The blond hair and cross? Some people point out the "Star of David on her chest", some even say "around her neck", but it looks like a cloth star, if anything it represents other religions, as she does also have a bible - my first thought when I noticed it was that it was a reference to children who died in the holocaust.

This was originally meant to be a depiction of native people dying off due to colonialism. Originally all of the women in the painting were of color, however at the last minute one was changed to a European girl when Tanguma realized that white children also suffered as a result of militarism.

In the background we can see the destruction of a city and a forest. This attempts to show the destruction of the world.

This is one of the few things in the movie that isn't completely wrong.

Another notable part of this mural is the the fact that there's a little girl carrying Mayan tablet, this alludes to the Mayan date of December 21, 2012. This is when the Mayans predict that the world is going to go through a rebirth phase. The main emphasis of this mural, once again, is the destruction of the world and the preservation of some life.

The narrator already says Leo Tanguma, the artist, was Mayan himself, why wouldn't that be reflected in the tablet? Why does the tablet have to be about December 21st, 2012? It's not even a tablet of the calendar that reflects the whole "December 21, 2012" hysteria[17]. I guess the movie creators also believe that anything that depicts Mayan culture represents this date then.

The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame I

The second mural shows a huge military figure, wearing a gas mask, and holding a machine gun and a sword. This sword is stabbing a dove, which is the symbol for peace and implies that peace will be destroyed.

This is actually the first frame of the second mural, as it is in two parts.

The figure with the gas mask, machine gun, and sword is Tanguma's representation of warfare and oppression creating destruction all over the world as the children huddle in darkness.

In the lower right hand corner is a poem:

I once was a little child
who longed for other worlds.
But I am no more a child
for I have known fear.
I have learned to hate...
How tragic, then, is youth
which lives with enemies,
with gallows ropes.
Yet, I still believe
I only sleep today.
That I'll wake up
a child again,
and start to
laugh and play."

Hama Herchenberg,
14 years old.. died
December 18, 1943
Concentration camp

No doubt this inspired him.

There are grayish waves imitating from the figure and these waves represent death, or in this case a poisonous gas that's killed everyone in its path. This mural is the one with the Au Ag symbol, the one that is related to the deadly virus strain.

There aren't waves of death, it's simply the other side of the rainbow which is seen in the opposite frame of the same mural.

One can also see a line of weeping women holding their dead infants and a group of dead children on a pile of bricks. The emphasis of this mural is of a cleansing that is going to kill a myriad of people in its path, however, interestingly enough, this mural has been painted over in recent years.

The depicted woman in the foreground is Tanguma's representation of Mother Mary crying over the suffering of all of the children in the world. The dead infant in her arms reflects a mother's pain for the death of a child. The children on the pile of bricks are not dead, they're huddling out of fear, under the sword of conquest.

This mural was not painted over, several other paintings and the first half of In Peace and Harmony with Nature was because it was deemed "too offensive". The ACLU and National Coalition Against Censorship have been fighting this. Some of the original paintings have been restored.

All of the imagery of children suffering is certainly inspired by the poem above. It's supposed to be shocking and disturbing, because people in America often forget that about war. The first frame depicts the most horrific points in human history: when he kill each other.

The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame II

The third mural shows all of the children of the world taking their weapons from each country and giving them to a German boy. Who is then molding them into something else. All the children of the scene are of different ethnicity and all seem to be relieved.

This is actually the second frame of the two-part mural mentioned above. The children are coming together dressed in their native clothing to bring about world peace. They do this by turning their weapons into tools of peace. For example, the boy in the center is hammering his sword into a plowshare.

This was inspired by the following bible verse(s):

They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore.
Isaiah 2:4[18] and Micah 4:3[19]

I guess the Bible also was written by the New World Order.

The gas mask man in the previous mural is seen dead and there are two doves perched on his body. The main emphasis of this mural is to show the return of peace after all the killings had taken place and that there will be no more need for weapons in this perfect world.

The masked man, which represents war and oppression is dead and under the anvil which the plowshare is being made, meaning that creating tools of peace has over taken war and also that war, oppression, and conquest is dead.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part II

The final mural has a Jesus-like figure in the middle who's holding a plant which symbolizes rebirth. All of the people are running towards this man with happy expressions. Animals are freely roaming and everything seems to be in perfect harmony.

This is the second part of a separate mural called "In Peace and Harmony with Nature" discussed at the beginning. The film skips from the first part, discusses another mural, then comes back to the original two-part mural.

The "Jesus-like" figure is an Indian boy bringing other children to celebrate with him around the Flowering Tree, which is the tree of peace.

This final mural alludes to a new Garden of Eden where the world is perfect size[sic], and everything can work together in peace after the genocide that has taken place.

Except, not really. This second half is a more optimistic version of the first half discussed at the beginning, instead of children suffering, they're dancing and playing.

All in all, these murals, when put together, represent the formation of a new world filled with fewer people and this is also the goal of the New World Order, which has been seen represented throughout various parts of airport.

She's failed to prove the New World Order even exists, now she's telling us what the grand plan is.

Mysterious Work

The symbology[sic] of the airport can still be debated, but one thing that cannot be questioned is the fact that there has been a lot of mysterious construction work underneath Denver Airport.

The symbolism is indeed debatable, especially when you simply make things up. Yes, let's talk about this mysterious construction. Surely they'll present at least one shred of evidence some place. Here's a preview: they don't.

When first constructing the airport there were originally five buildings, but out of the blue, the builders were ordered to bury the buildings underground, because they were supposedly "built wrong".

What? They buried buildings out of the blue? How does one bury an entire building, especially an airport? There's absolutely no evidence at all for this. The current design of the complex was planned in the 1980s, so the idea they built something incorrectly and buried it is asinine[20].

Normally a building that is built wrong would be demolished, but in this case, it was not. This allowed for an underground base to be created, but there are still workers that are sent to these underground bases periodically, but when they are questioned about the nature of their work, they all refuse to comment.

So, you've got documentation of this? A video of a worker refusing? Oh wait, there's nothing at all, anywhere?

These underground bases have been undergoing more construction and now have underground tunnels that connect all the buildings together. According to a contractor, these tunnels have a strange sprinkler system that was added on to the roofs of the tunnel, but the sprinkler system has no valid use as these tunnels are concrete and underground.

The tunnels are a part of the underground "Denver International Airport Guideway Transit System", more tunnels were created than needed incase of expansion[21][22].Further cross ever and secondary tracks for all trains exist incase one breaks down or there are maintenance problem for the track[23].

Note: The pictures of the tunnels they show here are not from Denver International Airport.

If relating these sprinkler systems back to the sign of Au Ag, in front of the mural, regarding the genocide then one must begin to wonder what the use of a sprinkler in a concrete tunnel, 150 feet below the ground would be.

The idea of having a sprinkler system is quite logical. Who's going to put out the fire? Super man? Concrete may not be flammable, but the plastic and carpeting on trains are. The tunnels aren't 150 feet underground.

Obviously they're suggesting that the sprinklers are used to spray people with Hepatitis, but as I said, only 5-10% of them would die, so it's a tremendous waste. Plus why tunnels? Are you going to have them walk 5 miles for the hell of it?

These underground bases appear to be holding rooms due to the sheer mass and size and same say they even allude to concentration camps, this is because 1) these holding rooms have no purpose and when the airport authorities were questioned, they say they are merely being used for storage.

Note: The pictures of the tunnels and underground they show here are not from Denver International Airport, buy from conspiracy sites.

2) All the barbed wire fences face the inside of the airport, rather than facing the outside, which is what they usually do. This implies that they are trying to keep things in, rather than keep things out.

The fences at the airport are only unusual in the fact that the barbed wire is straight up and down and faces neither way, there are of course many areas not fenced in at all because of the sheer vastness of the local landscape.

Note: The pictures of the fences they show here are not from Denver International Airport, they're from so-called FEMA camps. In fact a few of these pictures are even on my FEMA page.

3) The sprinkler system have no use, but they may be related to the deadly virus Australia Antigen and the pursuits of the New World Order.

The sprinkler system has a perfect use, which I already explained, and they're unrelated in every conceivable way to Hepatitis B.

Note: The bunk bed pictures in particular are from another so-called FEMA camp.

People have attempted to argue that the underground bases are being used for storage, but one fact must be questioned: And that is why is the underground base 88.5 square miles long? And why were the five buildings mysteriously buried? No airport has, or needs, that much storage room.

They probably are used for storage and maintenance, the fallacy here is that they aren't 88.5 "square miles long". Do they not realize they just stated that the underground is bigger than the entire land the airport sits on? Where do they get this number? I can only assume a conspiracy site, because it's total garbage.

They flash a document on screen that's a letter from a congressional representative to conspiracy theorist Zell Setzer. The letter simply states the information he requested, not the actual information therein, but he circles the statement as if it proves anything at all.

So what is this space really being used for? Whenever the authorities are questioned they are not allowed to answer.

They're not allowed to answer? Says who? Do you have evidence? Is there anyone on film saying they won't answer?

Or are you just quoting crazy conspiracy theorist, Greg Ericson, who was harassing airport employees via email and was angry that nobody would "answer" his questions. When they did answer them, he ignored the answer, and demanded the answer be his predetermined conclusion.

We are not the only ones who seem to be fascinated with this airport. The Queen of England, alongside many other famous European Royalty and politicians are hurriedly buying property next to the airport under an alias.

Are you kidding me? They provide no evidence of this, they don't even tell us this "alias".

One can only assume that they must feel that there is something significant about this airport in order to do so. It is very easy to dismiss a conspiracy theory, but it is not hard[sic] dismiss cold hard fact that surround them. The odd happenings in this airport have been called to questions[sic], but all the questions have been dismissed and have not been answered. Is the New World Order really going to attempt to take over? And if they are, does that mean our own government is involved? Research, newadays, can only do so much, now only time will tell.

No it isn't hard, because it's bullshit. Most conspiracy theorists show at least some documentation, some actual photographs, instead this shows unrelated garbage and passes off pictures of other tunnels and locations as a part of this conspiracy.

Apparently artist Leo Tanguma knew more about the NWOs plans than nearly anyone else, including big time conspiracy theorists, and decided to paint it on a wall in an airport.

Actually, the most logical answer: they asked everyone except Tanguma what the art was about.

Conclusion in three phrases: Out of order, out of context, and full of shit.