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On The Conspiracy Circuit - I'm not an anti-Semite, but Alex Jones is a Jew lover!

This week we cover anti-Semitism on Infowars and how it relates to Alex Jones - Spoiler: Jones works for the Jews.

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Some people claim that Alex Jones is secretly anti-Semite, but I don't think that's true. I base my conclusion on the fact that it seems every anti-Semite that I run across on the Internet claims Alex Jones is either a Jew himself or a part of some kind of Zionist conspiracy.

It's important to note that there is a difference between Zionism and Judaism, but you can always tell the anti-Semites when they constantly use "Jew" instead of "Zionist", if they were really just anti-Zionist, then they wouldn't be obsessed with pointing out Jews. Something else I also noticed, any Jew that they don't like is automatically a Zionist, regardless of any real political affiliation - but don't worry, most of them will tell you they have plenty of Jewish friends!

I did a little snooping around to see how many anti-Semites I could find on Infowars, considering I run into them everywhere else. It turns out though that most anti-Semites on Infowars actually seem to hate Alex Jones. This is likely due to the feud going on between Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, who I believe is even more psychotic and stupid than Alex Jones, plus he has a creepy child molester look about him - look at his article, you'll see what I mean.

To be fair to Infowars there were a lot of people who pointed out the bigotry, but a lot of posts also had no responses.

In posting this edition of On The Conspiracy Circuit, I'm basically sealing my fate as being labeled a Jew and a Zionist, even though I'm neither - in fact later on I'll have a special edition for people who contact me directly about that.

I'm against Zionists of all creeds, it's not my fault all of those creeds are forms of Judaism.

It doesn't matter what ethnicity or religion one is when one commits a crime, unless they're Jewish.

I guess this means my job is to create a situation where conspiracy theorists are confused and unsure of who to believe so they'll be distracted when the Jews come to give them their vaccinations. This plan is flawless!

Alex Jones and Infowars are apparently tools of the Jewish elite, but that doesn't stop us from coming to his site everyday.

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