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Zeitgeist: Addendum - Introduction

Peter Joseph (creator of Zeitgeist) believes that I'm mentally ill because I disagree with him. You can read all about it on his forums (linked from this forum post). You better not disagree with him, or you'll be labeled insane next. Perhaps I'm crazy for pointing out his forum post?

Before we go anywhere, I want to talk about The Venus Project and before you read my analysis I would appreciate it if you read this part first.

First of all, as I described on my about page, I am a huge believer in technology. The first time I heard of The Venus Project was sometime prior to 2000, around 15 years ago, and from the beginning I was in love with the idea of putting technology in a position to help us rather than hold us back. And as I investigated this whole idea more, I found a lot of people confused the idea with communism, socialism, or whatever their latest hate was.

The Venus Project, in essence, is Technocracy, which you can learn about on Wikipedia and at the Technocratic Movement's web site. The only difference between the two is how Jacque Fresco and Technocracy, Inc. thought production should be tracked. A concept so small and unimportant it's a shame, to me anyway, that Jacque Fresco is no longer a member of Technocracy, Inc.

Whether you choose to support the Venus Project or Technocracy Inc. doesn't matter, so long as you keep the conspiracy bullshit out of the current technocratic (or "resource based economy") movement. It is hard enough to discuss technocracy and The Venus Project with people, we do not need to also talk about conspiracies. Whether you like it or not, conspiracy theories scare people away, period, and they won't listen to anything you have to say.

If you are a member of the Zeitgeist Movement and want to spread the ideas of The Venus Project, please keep the conspiracy jargon to the minimum - in fact I've seen that Peter Joseph has already moved away from that, but many fans of the films are still obsessed with conspiracies.

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I am not going to discuss The Venus Project/Technocratic parts of the film, for two reasons.

Firstly, untried economic and political ideas are essentially opinions and anyone, from any side, can debunk anything else from any opposing side -- so it's a waste of time; you can find a million free marketers, libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and so forth that will disprove technocracy with what they believe to be evidence -- but when it comes to politics and economics, it's really a severe waste of time to debunk anything.

Secondly, I myself am a Technocrat, and I believe in such ideas. I watched the Zeitgeist: Addendum movie when it was first released early morning (my time) on October 4th. At first I was torn, because while I agreed with promoting the interview and such with Jacque Fresco, I did not like the idea that the first 50 minutes of the movie were essentially propping up more lies. Regardless, I decided to say something about the other parts of the movie.

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