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Zeitgeist - Movie Sources and Credits

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: November 29th, 2007

Peter Joseph (creator of Zeitgeist) believes that I'm mentally ill because I disagree with him. You can read all about it on his forums (linked from this forum post), with a blog-based rebuttal here. You better not disagree with him, or you'll be labeled insane next. Perhaps I'm crazy for pointing out his forum post?

While attempting to research the movie's sources myself, I ran into several interesting findings. On this page I will discuss each source and my conclusions on them. These are the sources listed on the page as of January 26, 2008 -- I date this because I imagine the author's of the page will change it as more is proven false.

- A deep thanks goes to the inspirational work of Jordan Maxwell, whose journey in the pursuit of truth is honorary -

I decided first I would look into Jordan Maxwell and what he was all about. At first glance his web site was like many others out there, claiming to have secret knowledge about what is really going on in the world. There is a massive list of claims about what is hidden in the world, and he even claims with some that other conspiracy theorists are wrong, and he is the one who is right. It would take a whole web site to debunk all of the claims made, but I assume people going there will use common sense.

Part I - The Greatest Story Ever Told

* Special thanks to Acharya S for her consultation for this section *

This author is referenced many times throughout the sources, and I will discuss her in length throughout this section. I should also note that I sorted this section by author, it doesn't seem to have been in any order before. The reason for this is so that it is easier to compare and contrast all of the claims made by an author and their works. Perhaps it was split up so it did not look like so much came from a single author.

Acharya S

Acharya S - Suns of God, Adventures Unlimited Press

Acharya S - The Christ Conspiracy, Adventures Unlimited Press

The Author

Who is Acharya S? That is what I wanted to know when I stumbled upon her official web site. On her "Who is Acharya S?" and "Credentials" pages she goes in length talking about herself and her credentials. Immediately I had to call many of these into question, and I will discuss them here. In short she is a mystic and conspiracy theorist with no professional training what so ever. She goes on and on about how she traveled in Europe and has read works of various philosophers such as Cicero and Chaucer, and she actually claims that she has "sat down with the Bible - in English, as well as in the original Hebrew and Greek - long enough to understand it more than most clergy."[1] She claims to also be a "member" of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. A thorough staff and directory search turned up nothing. I emailed various people on the web site, and yet nobody has ever heard of her[2].

It really strikes me, someone who considers herself to be more knowledgeable about Christianity than any other person, is never quoted by anyone other than herself or Zeitgeist, the movie. Not only that but in her various works, even this youtube video, she repeatedly claims or illudes to "Sun" and "Son" being the same word and thus of the same origin, while this is only true in English not in any other language (I discussed this in Part I). I would think that someone who is well versed in many languages, especially Hebrew and Greek, would realize that you cannot make connections this way.

The Christ Conspiracy

This book is the primary source for Part I of the movie, if not the only original source, and it seems that the film-maker just used other sources to further validate the claims. The book doesn't start off well, however, and to further clarify what I mean, the first paragraph is full of several inaccuracies. It claims that all religions have a good, gods, or goddesses; nothing is more divisive than religion, and that in every religion there is an enemy (like Satan). The first religion that comes to mind is Buddhism, as there are no gods in Buddhism, communism and fascism always have been viewed more divisive than religion, and beyond religion in their own right. In Buddhism there is no enemy, except potentially yourself, but short of declaring everyone Satan, the concept does not exist[3]. Acharya really doesn't know that much about religion, sociology, or much of anything at all from as far as I can tell.

In her book, she states:

To deflect the horrible guilt off the shoulders of their own faith, religionists have pointed to supposedly secular ideologies such as Communism and Nazism as oppressors and murderers of the people. However, few realize or acknowledge that the originators of Communism were Jewish (Marx, Lenin, Hess, Trotsky) and that the most overtly violent leaders of both bloody movements were Roman Catholic (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco) or Eastern Orthodox Catholic (Stalin), despotic and intolerant ideologies that breed fascistic dictators. In other words, these movements were not 'atheistic,' as religionists maintain.

It is known that Marx[4], Lenin[5], Trotsky[6] were of Jewish ancestry, and Stalin of a Eastern Orthodox[7] past. They, however, were all vocal atheists throughout their lives and until death. I hardly think it is accurate to make a claim that because someone was born of a religion, they are that religion forever. For example, if I am born into a Buddhist family, therefore I am a Buddhist forever -- I hardly doubt anyone would agree with that claim. I wonder what religion Acharya was born into. As for Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco -- while they were indeed born into Catholic families, but there isn't much historical evidence that they felt guilty about their religions or just used their politics as a way to commit crimes for their religions. In fact, Hitler at least had no real attachment to his religion, instead it seemed more like he was afraid of his potential paternal history, rather than his childhood religion[8].

Her web site is geared more towards selling books that question religions ideologies, rather than actually investigating them. You can take a look and find her making various claims about Islam (same kind she did about Christianity and others). It even brings up how "Allah" is actually the moon goddess. I'll save refuting this some other time, because it requires some in-depth explanation of history and language. Her web site also goes on about how Junk food (such as candy bars and hamburgers) are essentially drugs and there are roaming gangs involved in "bloody orgies of criminality and depravity".

She now even has an e-book you can download for a small donation that goes along with Zeitgeist, the movie. Good to see she cares so much about spreading the truth. Maybe it is also worth mentioning that she could not get her books published anywhere except Stellar House Publishing, a company which she runs.

Other Sources

Maxwell, Jordan: The Light of World (Film Series) IRES
I could not find this source, you know where I can get it, please contact me.
Allegro, John - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth, Prometheus Books
I have to call this source into question, aside from being about 30 years old, and way behind the times as far as research into the history of Christianity goes, it bases itself on several assumptions, such as that Jesus was not talked about around his life, which is something I debated in my debunking of Part I. As usual, it seems to come from a point of view, of just wanting to discredit Christianity, rather than study it.
Berry, Gerald: Religions Of The World, Barnes & Noble Pub., 1965
I could not get a hold of this one.
Campbell, Joseph - Creative Mythology: The Masks of God, Penguin
Essentially this is an over-zealous Atheist's view of Christianity. It really is, to me, what sounds like a sarcastic commentary on the history of beliefs that encompass Abrahamic religions, such as the belief in the Garden of Eden. The book is pretty self-serving. 
Carpenter, Edward: Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning Book Tree, 1998
Another book, originally published in 1920, which compares Paganism and Christianity. It was written before we had the in-depth scholarly of Christianity that we have now, so I do not think it is a reputable source. I also question it because it claims that Christianity is based on Astrology, something I debunked in Part I of my article about the movie.
Churchward, Albert -The Origin and Evolution of Religion, The Book Tree
About as factual as Acharya S's work, and interestingly about 80 years older. Perhaps she copied some of her work from this guy?
Cumont, Franz: Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans Cosimo Classics 1912
Another century old book. It seems as though the film maker likes referring things that were created before modern research was introduced -- a time when people pretty much lied or guessed and it was perceived as factual. More or less on the same lines as the Acharya S books.
Doane, T.W. - Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions, Health Research
This book is about 125 years old, and still along the lines of the works of Acharya S, ridiculous research that no scholar in their right mind would believe today.
Doherty, Earl - The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ?, Age of Reason Pub.
This book is full of loose ends and strange connections that the author attempts to make in order to prove Jesus never existed, even among the apostles.
Fideler, David: Jesus Christ, Sun of God Quest Books, 1993
Connections are attempted between the Christian God and the Sun, same stuff we debunked in Part I.
Frazer, Sir James: The Golden Bough, Touchstone Pub., 1890
What's with all the old books? All I have to say is this work was the basis for several other books on this list that I call into question for gross misrepresentation of facts and research.
Irvin, Jan & Rutajit, Andrew - Astrotheology and Shamanism, The Book Tree
This book is hilariously full of typos, cusswords, and misrepresentation of pretty much everything. It reminds me of the blog rantings of a 14 year old who listens to too much death metal.
Jackson, John G. : Christianity Before Christ, American Atheist Press, 1985
Same story, different book, misrepresentations of facts, inaccurately comparing figures from different religions. He even misquotes people on purpose to prove himself correct.
King James Version, The Holy Bible, Holman
I have read this specific version, a few times. It's full of mistranslations, and lacks information that is represented in Christianity. Definitely not something to use as a source if you are attempting to do research.
Leedom, Tim C - The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read, TS Books
Same story, yet again, attempts to make connections between Sun worship, Christianity, Astrology, and all that.
Massey, Gerald - Ancient Egypt: Light of the World, Kessinger Publishing
Attempts to draw many lines between Christianity and Egyptian Mythology, concepts I debunked in Part I, and concepts which are just completely untrue, unfounded, and unsourced.
Massey, Gerald - Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta, Kessinger Publishing
A lot of the information seems inaccurate, but if I give the author the benefit of the doubt, I would say it's just out of date. Most of the information contained therein contradicts pretty much everything, both previous findings, and new ones.
Massey, Gerald - The Historic Jesus and the Mythical Christ, The Book Tree
I couldn't find this book. I do know that this author did believe that you could trace all religions back to a small number of linked cults.
Maxwell, Tice, Snow - That Old Time Religion, The Book Tree
This is essentially based on the works of Gerald Massey, which, I previously mentioned, is kind of a fringe set of beliefs and theories.
Murdock, D.M. - Who was Jesus?, Steller House Publishing
This is another book by Acharya S, but is published under a different alias. It's the same as her other stuff.
Remsburg, John E. - The Christ: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidence of His Existence, Prometheus Books
Another 100 year old book that references secondary sources that are even older. It is along the same lines as the other books listed here.
Rolleston, Frances: Mazzaroth, Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, 1862
Couldn't find it, but I imagine it is probably even more inaccurate than the other sources here.
Singh, Madanjeet: The Sun- Symbol of Power and Life, UNESCO, 1993
I wasn't able to get a hold of it, so I'm not sure.
The Naked Truth (Film) IRES
A conspiracy movie that sources another conspiracy movie?
Wheless, Joseph: Forgery in Christianity: A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion 1930
This guy is not a scholar, but a lawyer, and essentially gives Christianity a mock show trial where he proves that the fathers of Christianity were liars. His references are either impossible to find, incorrect, or misrepresent what is in them.

Part II - All The World's a Stage

*A special thanks to 9/11 Truth Movement Film Makers, without which this compilation based section would not exist *

Yes, thank you, if not for you I wouldn't have a web site. ;-)


  • Ruppert, Michael - Crossing the Rubicon, New Society Publishers
  • Griffin, David Ray - The New Pearl Harbor, Interlink
  • Griffin, David Ray - Debunking 9/11 Debunking, Olive Branch Press
  • Tarpley, Webster - 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, Progressive Press
  • Griffin, David Ray -The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions, Olive Branch Press
  • Marrs, Jim - The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty, Disinformation Company

I pretty much debunked all of this in my September 11th set of articles, especially claims made by David Ray Griffin.

Part III - Don't Mind The Men Behind The Curtain

It is endlessly funny to me when conspiracy theorists source conspiracy theorists. I do not think there is a single reference here that is not a conspiracy book or film that cites no sources or sources that have been proven false. You can read my Part III for the movie to see me debunk most of this garbage.


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