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Barack Obama - Introduction

There are a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding US President Barack Obama. Below I categorize them and discuss each:

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Obama was not born in the United States
This article covers all of the rumors and other conspiracies surrounding Obama, his birth place, and his eligibility to be president of the United States.
Topics related to Obama's campaign
Many rumors started while he was campaigning, they're covered here.
Obama is the anti-Christ
There are many places on the Internet which claim Obama fits the profile of the anti-Christ, but is that true? Not really.
Obama's personal life and past
Rumors and conspiracies about Obama being a member of the Weather Underground, a homosexual, etc.
Obama's policies
This article covers Obama and his policies, such as that he's a communist, socialist, fascist, etc.
Will Obama's healthcare plans lead to death panels and a general health dystopia à la England or France?

Movies about Obama:

Currently the only movie on this site about Obama is The Obama Deception by Alex Jones.