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Barack Obama - Obama's Personal Life and Past

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 1st, 2009

Obama's past and personal life came to the forefront when he was running for president. This isn't really surprising, but what is surprising is the staggering amount of crazy conspiracy theories and rumors people were ready to accept blindly just because they didn't want Obama to be president.

Table of Contents

  1. Obama is a Muslim
  2. Obama is a Freemason
  3. Raila Odinga and Obama are Cousins
  4. Homosexual Crack Smoker
  5. Obama's Mother-in-Law Practiced Witch Craft in the White House
  6. Obama's First Job was with Henry Kissinger
  7. Obama and Cheney are (distant) Cousins

Obama is a Muslim

Both Obama's father and step father were (radical) Muslims

Barack Obama, Sr was indeed a Muslim but there's no evidence to say he was practicing, and if one isn't practicing, one can't be radical. Aside from that fact Obama, Sr left early in Obama, Jr's life and didn't raise him so that's a moot point in general[49].

As for Obama's step father Lolo Soetoro, according to his friends and family he was a Muslim, but non-practicing and not devout[51].

Obama said he used to be a Muslim at one time

He's never said that. I can't find a single reputable source saying so.

Obama attended a Wahhabi-Islam Madrasah in Jakarta

Obama never attended a Madrasah; he attended a catholic school, and also another school were the students were predominately Muslim, but it was not an Islamic school. This makes sense considering Indonesia has an extremely high Muslim population[52].

Obama used the Koran during his inaugural oath.

Obama sworn on the same bible as Abraham Lincoln did in 1861[53].

Obama hollowed out the Bible for the inauguration and inserted a small Koran.

This idea is hilariously stupid; considering the above, I guess Obama ruined the Lincoln bible.

Obama admitted on ABC that he was a Muslim

This video is intentionally cut off, what Obama was really saying is that:

What I was suggesting - you're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith [cut here by conspiracy theorists], and you're absolutely right that that has not come ...

[News Caster]
Your Christian faith.

My Christian faith - well, what I'm saying is ... 

[News Caster]
Connections, right.

That he hasn't suggested that I'm a Muslim, and I think that his campaign upper echelons haven't either. What I think is fair to say is that coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I'm not what who I say I am when it comes to my faith, something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.

Obama is a Freemason

Obama can be seen in various videos giving a Mason handshake, thus proving he's a Mason.

So no records of him attending a lodge or meeting ever, anywhere. No references by anyone at any time in his past saying he is a Freemason. Oh no, the best evidence that conspiracy theorists come up with is what looks to be a Mason handshake.

What can I say? The handshakes look like a lazy handshake or woman's handshake more than the typical heavy handshake between men.

Raila Odinga and Obama are Cousins

This was discussed in length in my article about Alex Jones' The Obama Deception on Page 29.

In short, they're not cousins.

Homosexual Crack Smoker

Noted crazy person Lawrence W Sinclair wrote a book, with a forward by Jeff Rense of all people, which makes claims that he (Lawrence) was a homosexual lover of Obama and that they did things like smoke crack-cocaine together.

Other than his word, Larry presents absolutely no evidence for anything he says. The primary believers of Larry tend to use the following logic:

The details of the book are too detailed to be fabricated.

In order words, the lies are too specific to be lies. This is called misleading vividness; just because someone lies with a lot of detail, doesn't mean their story is true. Because there's no evidence, sources, pictures, etc, the author and other perpetuators of the book use the classic "keep an open mind." It seems that the more conspiracy theorists tell you to keep an open mind, the more you probably should be skeptical.

One of the most hilarious parts of the book is when Larry claims he sent a detailed description of Obama's penis to Michelle Obama. I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to prove. If I take a guess what a black man's penis looks like and send it to his wife and she never responds, this doesn't validate that the was a gay lover of mine and we committed various crimes together. This of course is the same Larry Sinclair who has a long criminal record for things like forging and scamming - he also had an outstanding warrant when he was arrested at a press conference in June[82]. 

Obama's Mother-in-Law Practiced Witch Craft in the White House

An article/blog entry from claims that Obama's mother-in-law was practicing Santeria in the white house[54].

Alex Jones may believe that blog entries account as 100% factual news reports, but I don't. Shortly after this article went across the Internet it was removed and nobody else reported such incidents at the White House.

Obama's First Job was with Henry Kissinger

This was discussed in length in my article about Alex Jones' The Obama Deception on Page 7.

It's untrue, and Timothy Geithner had his first job with Kissinger and Associates, not Obama.

Obama and Cheney are (distant) Cousins

Obama and Dick Cheney/George W Bush are cousins.

Obama is 11th cousins with George W Bush and 9th cousins-once removed with Dick Cheney[55]. The numbers have varied a bit with different news stories, sometimes saying 10th instead of 9th, but it seems as though most agree there is a common ancestor.

This isn't really surprising; as people had more children in the past and so there's a greater likelihood of us being related to each other than one would often consider.