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On The Conspiracy Circuit

On The Conspiracy Circuit is a weekly publication of the strange wonders of the conspiracy circuit, which tend to be forums, chat rooms, and so forth. If you have a funny/messed up forum thread with conspiracy theorists to share, please contact me, and I might post it - if I do, you will receive credit.


The Flat Earth Society (November 08, 2009)
This week we trek the whole of the flat earth to find out which forum posts make the most sense on the Flat Earth Society's web site.
I'm not an anti-Semite, but Alex Jones is a Jew lover! (November 03, 2009)
This week we cover anti-Semitism on Infowars and how it relates to Alex Jones - Spoiler: Jones works for the Jews.
I'm not crazy, I'm on Prison Planet (October 04, 2009)
This week we delve into the complex mind of posters on Prison Planet and whether or not psychosis has already set in.