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Anyone that contributes to the Skeptic Project is considered a contributor, however contributors are judged based on the amount they contribute and most importantly the quality of what they contribute.

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Top Contributors

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# Contributor Level Points Other Info
1Edward L Winston150153,903CS Original
2Agent Matt7071,791CS Original
3anticultist1515,796CS Original
4Muertos1414,081CS Original
5sorry1212,264CS Original
6Ed109,910CS Original
7Sil the Shill99,227CS Original
8Wolf Bird99,180CS Original
9Joe88,660CS Original
10The Real Roxette88,449CS Original
11Dave Sorensen88,107CS Original
12Omni-Science88,028CS Original
13CyborgJesus66,181CS Original
14Kaiser Falkner66,076CS Original
15Kepp55,595CS Original
17AKBastard55,181CS Original
18The Burger King55,008CS Original
19domokato44,489CS Original
20scitops44,353CS Original
21advancedatheist33,121CS Original
22Ez32,889CS Original
23Sky32,841CS Original
25Inside Job21,929CS Original
27Chris21,786CS Original
28duncanlecombre21,649CS Original
29Evil Elvis11,501CS Original
30Vasper8511,467CS Original
31mikejohnson11,381CS Original
32Diane11,376CS Original
33oreolvrs11,332CS Original
34Genogza11,179CS Original
35Pathfinder11,132CS Original
36three11,121CS Original
37VTV11,093CS Original
38Caramel Color1978CS Original
39Dr_Benedict_Zaroff1975CS Original
40Danny1969CS Original
41Alton1945CS Original
42Questionmark1835CS Original
43Anouk1810CS Original
44Senor Dingdong1780CS Original
45Eric1773CS Original
46Elm Nehmara Grand Rapids1702CS Original
47Energy Turtle1685CS Original
48DJboRE1627CS Original
50Von Kleist1590CS Original