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Hate Mail - wow ...

Sender: Jim trem <>
Subject: wow ...
Type: Antisemitism
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

youve disgraced americans everywhere and the right of any free citizen in the world to seek out the truth, you are probly an israel agent or just another sad disinformationist betrayed by illusions of grandeur and state commitment, how sad, pathetic really, its important to think out of the box, not crawl further in it.... freedom wins eternal. truth is truth, justice is justice...

You've caught me!

im glad you agree on how much of a waste your internet profession is, I respect your ability to take the time to look through things, but a monkey could do ur job , all you do is sit around saying everything is real, governmemts great, baracks the best woohoo all that happy propaganda horseshit , its easy to hate , try love tho, truth is love, and trith, THE REAL TRUTH, always prevails :)

Now I'm certain you didn't actually read what was on my site. I hate government completely, I didn't vote for Obama, I even point out real conspiracies like COINTELPRO that actually happened. It's easy to hate indeed, and it's easy to email someone without actually knowing what you're talking about.

Touche`, but No the reason I email you like this is not necessarily what you have to say on 'debunking' conspiracies but rather how you go about it, it seems as though you just pick whatever sounds more fanatical to you , despite its content and immediately hate on it.9/11 for example, as your dismissal for all 9 ll conspiracies you stated you hadnot recieved enough evidence to convince you otherwise ....and did not elaborate. such blanket statements should not be used as an end all be all, declaration of fact, and what may appear as debunking to you can be taken in a completely different context by another, my point is just because you dont believe in a conspiracy does not mean you have the right to insult and degrade the very fact of its existence either. I admit I do not know everything, but , it would be nice to hear that you dont either. :)

That was in my FAQ, I research the 9/11 conspiracy claims on my 9/11 page, so I'm not just saying "well it's not convincing so it's not true!" Rather I'm saying: Do conspiracy theories better explain what happened on 9/11 than the NIST report and is there evidence? So far, the answer is no, the conspiracy theories are not better explanations.

Nonetheless, that is still an opinion, your opinion, im a libertarian and i respect the right to individual opinion, however I dont respect the right to unilateral declaration of fact, which lots of environmentalists do today ironically... my point is , because YOU dont find evidence, or rather ENOUGH evidence, on a 9/11 conspiracy, contrary to the official state sponsored report,does not make it 'debunked' or 'lacking in proof', you just choose not to see it, or rather selectively see what you choose to. I do have my own question for you, what is your opinion on the former mind slave Cathy Obrien and the mind control program PROJECT MONARCH ?

Scientific evidence isn't opinion, NIST uses science, conspiracy theorists use pseudoscience -- just like evolution vs intelligent design. You obviously think I'm some kind of Zionist or disinfo agent, or whatever so why are you even talking to me? There's nothing I can say to you that would bring reason (from my perspective) into your life. You are completely, 100% convinced of a conspiracy, myself I seriously don't give a shit because I think government is evil anyway, especially the US government. I'd love to see proof that 9/11 was an inside job because then I could show a perfect example of the evil things the US does to other countries, but it happening on US soil instead.