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Hate Mail - Margaret Sanger- Quotation Correction

Sender: Jane Doe <>
Subject: Margaret Sanger- Quotation Correction
Type: Corrections
Added: Feb 02, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

I suppose that since you are the "Contact" and this wrong statement was written by you- that you may not want to correct yourself. But- really- Edward- you need to be a better researcher. Go to the original document in the Birth Control Review - next time before you make a fool of yourself. There is a link in my post below: 

This is an incorrect statement: ( The correct statement is linked below) 

[ Truncated, it's a bunch of copy/paste from the site ]

[ Note: I changed this person's info because they apologized; Furthermore, they were correct about my mistake, and I did fix it, but damn. ]

Dear [Jane Doe],

You were right, I did make a mistake regarding that quote -- somehow I missed it when reading it originally, but that doesn't mean I "need to be a better researcher." People do make mistakes, but that doesn't automatically invalidate everything else they've ever done. Thanks for the correction, but a bit advice for your next email: don't use such a large font and don't sound so condescending -- unless of course, you were trying to demonstrate the size of your ego by making your font as large as possible. After all, you wouldn't want to make a fool of yourself.


PS. I have no problem making corrections when I'm wrong, as being wrong and admitting it doesn't make you a fool, but being a condescending asshole does.

I apologize.