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Hate Mail - Your wrong again!!!!

Sender: Joseph Lowes <>
Subject: Your wrong again!!!!
Type: Corrections
Added: Feb 05, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Eugenics is still around; it is now called Post-Humanism. Plus the Eugenics Socity of Londan now calls itself the Bioligy Socity of Londan. Watch End Game it talks all about it.

I think you mean "trans-humanism" and that's a tiny group of people who believe in body modification, not killing people who are "unfit" for living.

Yeah; but but Julian Huxley founded trans-humanism and was a big supporter of Eugenics proofing they are one and the same.

That's the same logic that Glenn Beck used to prove the USSR promoted Eugencs:

George Bernard Shaw likes eugenics
George Bernard Shaw likes the USSR

Therefore USSR = pro-eugenics

I think you need to learn what the hell you're talking about:

Julian Huxley isn't the end all be all to transhumanism or eugenics, you can't use him as a scape goat for every problem of the early 20th century, or as a way to claim that eugenics is still around because he also provided money for a completely different movement.

 Julian Huxley was the head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The British Eugenics Society changed it name to Galton Institute. Sounds to me that Eugenics is still around. Planed Parenthood is Eugenics. Have you even seen End Game or what about Freedom to Fasism?

What did you copy and paste that, it certainly looks like it.

>> United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Yes, he did help create it, and he was the first director for two years. The organization was concerned with education, and the sciences. Regardless of Huxley's opinions about eugenics (which was even promoted by the US government in the 1930s), he was still a scientist. In any case he was basically forced out because of his personal beliefs. UNESCO has nothing to do at any time with eugenics, euthanasia, or anything else like that.

>> British Eugenics Society

They changed their name in 1989. Some people still believe in eugenics, but that doesn't mean it's a major plan for anyone to implement. If I believe in something, let's say I believe in making lawyers were clown suits. Does that automatically mean the US is going to do it? I'm just a regular person. There was also an American Eugenics Society as well. Eugenics was extremely popular in the early 20th century, very, very, very popular. It's not surprising some of the old assholes left over are still trying to promote it. Thanks to developments in healthcare, birth control, etc, eugenics as an idea is pretty much dead. Unfortunately it's not buried, but I imagine within the next 20 years it will be.

>> Planed Parenthood is Eugenics

No it's not, that's a lie promoted by far-right, religious nutbars who want to claim that plannd parenthood is committing genocide. Eventually I'm going to have an article on this, but I've been waiting for this movie called 'Blood Money' to come out, it's about planned parenthood. I've been waiting over a year and it still hasn't come out, so I might go ahead and do my planned parenthood stuff anyway.

>> Have you even seen End Game or what about Freedom to Fasism?