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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 29

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page twenty-nine of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Webster Tarpley]
Obama basically does a couple of things. One is, again, this idea: Kick the Chinese out of Africa. Kick them out of Sudan where they get oil. 

China gets about 1/10th of their oil from Sudan, and China has come under a lot of heavy criticism because they veto any decision to help with the situation in the Darfur region of Sudan, not only because they get a lot of oil from Sudan, but also because China is Sudan's largest arms suppliers[466][467][468]. There are no plans to "kick them out." I'm not sure how the Americans would even do that because China isn't "there", they trade oil and arms with Sudan.

This is in contrast to how in other movies Alex Jones says the US is supposed to be buddying up to the Chinese, letting them "invade" the country by buying old ports and military instillations. 

Kick them out of Zimbabwe were they get raw materials. 

China has been arming Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe for some time now; so just like above, I guess when anyone complains about brutal dictatorships in Africa, it must be the US trying to "kick out China"[469].

Start a civil war in Congo, another big source of raw materials. 

I'm not sure which Congo civil war he's talking about, but the first one came about due to several major factors: the flood of democratic ideals throughout the 1990s; ethnic strife; a major refugee crisis of over 2 million people, amongst which were many militia; the threatening of the government of the Congo (Zaire at that time) to execute any of the Banyamulenge ethnic group that did not leave Zaire - resulting in a rebellion. It was essentially a civil war that spilled over from Rwanda due to them arming various minorities in Zaire[470][471].

The second civil war in the Congo was essentially an extension of the first one and a lot was involved in it, about seven foreign armies (all African), but I won't go into it here, you can read about it all over the Internet (Wikipedia, etc) and also at your local library[472]. Nations such as America, Australia, Canada, and Japan supported the Congolese president Laurent-Désiré Kabila (who overthrew the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko)[473], and did not get involved in the conflict in exchange for business deals (related to diamonds); China wasn't involved[474][475].

Al-Qaeda, an arm of the US intelligence community, is now active in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. 

This is not true. This has been debunked several times on my web site, you can read more about it on my Al Qaeda page.

You've got a destabilization going on in Kenya, around Odinga. 

What destabilization would that be?

That's Obama's cousin. 

Odinga is not Obama's cousin; this a BBC interview with Odinga where he says he is Obama's first cousin through Obama's father[476]. There's no real evidence at all to say the statement is true. Odinga's mother came from the same area as Obama's father, but there's no evidence at all that they were related and it's likely that saying "Obama's my cousin through his father" was taken literally by the BBC, but there's no direct quote of what Odinga actually said[477].

This is a guy who has two children. They're Obama's niece and, well, nephew, in a broad sense, 

In no sense, if they were indeed cousins, then Odinga's children would be Obama's second cousins. Odinga actually has four children[478].

and one of them is named Raoul and the other one is named Winnie, after Winnie Mandela who did the necklacing and political assassinations in South Africa. 

True; and one of his sons is named Fidel after Fidel Castro[478].

So this Odinga is essentially a CIA destabilizing operation in Kenya.

And where does he get this? Because Obama and Odinga are unlikely cousins, therefore Odinga works for the CIA? There's no evidence at all of this.

And he's got a Odinga Islamic Alliance to crush the Christians in Kenya. 

This isn't true at all, and in fact Odinga is a Christian himself. He was baptized in his youth and is even a Born-Again Christian today[479][480].

But this also reaches into Ethiopia. It reaches into Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, and a whole bunch of other countries in that region. So, all of Africa is a battlefield in flames, between the US and the Chinese, with Obama leading the charge to kick the Chinese out for geopolitical reasons.

That's not really true at all. The real battle fields are Sudan and Zimbabwe, and the one supplying arms is China.

[Alex Jones]
Number seven: Radically expand federal control over family farms and ranches through the animal ID and premises ID system.

The concept behind the United States Animal Identification Plan (Animal ID) and the National Animal Identification System (Premises ID) is a set of policies that track animals from birth to slaughter and also during animal trading and movement. The idea is that if there is an outbreak of a disease, it can be easily located[481]. Of course, this all means nothing to people who believe any kind of labeling system is a part of a grand conspiracy. The system only covers livestock, those used for food or similar purposes, and not house pets. There are various concerns about it and it's still voluntary.

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