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Hate Mail - Edward.

Sender: Bishop Taylor <>
Subject: Edward.
Type: Antisemitism
Added: May 24, 2010
Sent to: Edward L Winston

Through we've been battling on and on back and forth till we were both blue in the face. I think it's time we come to grip with ourselves. You will not change my mind and niether will you change mine. So I just ask of you this one thing.

Please remove the articles that dis-credit Jeff Rense. It is very damaging and highly childish that you labeld his picture that he looked very "child molester like" in order to continue on you're your tour bus of confusion. It's damaging his belief system and his work on un-masking the facist we have in place. I could care less what you do to that Hack-job, peusdo-Patriot Alex Jones, but please, leave Jeff out of it. He's done his job and will continue on serving the people of this great nation, while you wait for that dingleberry leader of TZM to hurry and build your fable Venus Project.

Respectfully yours.

Yes Bishop, the kikes... I mean zionists control the world! Soon we will purge the Jew... zionists from our glorious society and return to decentralized banking so they can't get their sheeny... zionist hands on our gold-backed currency!

By the way I am not a support[er] of Peter Joseph or TZM in the least, nor do I believe that that The Venus Project is a viable solution to the world's problems; you obviously have read dick on my site. Consider also that Alex Jones and Jeff Rense believe almost the exact same things, except Rense thinks it's ZE JEWZ that are the NWO, so they're both hacks.

Go whine to someone else,

PS. It's fairly obvious to me now you believe all of the stupid "illuminati handsign" garbage you used to ask me about in other emails, that's sad that you turned out to be such an idiot. Don't ever email me again.

no need for racial slurs junior.

You even admitted on your very on site that you are a TECHNOCRAT and that the venus project "was pretty much in the realm of what you believe in.

Jeff Rense is in no way shape or form a hack. You need to look up the facts that the "Zionist" Who in reailty, when people refer to Zionist it's about israelis and very rich coporations that make up the Occupied Government theory, not the same old "Jews own all the money crap" that you've been getting.
You've been getting a lot of misinformation sir.

Why don't you open your eyes and realize the war crimes that the Israeli government is commiting agasint the people in the Gaza and in result jews get blamed for it because dumbass will simply link Israel= Jews and not even give a second thought. You should really look into the conflict going on over there, that is PROOF of zionist Occupied government, in isreal, right now! They are in control and we only get stories from there side not the other side, so of course will hop on their bandwagon.

I can go at this all day if I have to.


I'll believe all that when Jews (and even non-Jews) that are considered "enemies" aren't automatically labeled "zionists" despite any political beliefs they may have or their actions in the past. Once one starts to label everyone they don't like as a zionist, especially the jewish ones, then I think any excuse as to what words really mean goes out the door.

I'm sure you can go at it all day, I've seen a lot of people talk to themselves all day, especially downtown.

You're just a ball of hilarity.

>> You even admitted on your very on site that you are a TECHNOCRAT and that the venus project "was pretty much in the realm of what you believe in.

Yeah, I am a technocrat, and I do find a lot of the designs and theories of Jacque Fresco interesting, but that doesn't mean I'm a supporter for Peter Joseph or the Zeitgeist Movement as you claimed, considering The Venus Project predates TZM by a long time. My introduction to Zeitgeist: Addendum was written before TZM officially became the "activist arm/wing" of the Venus Project, hence it talking about associating TZM and TVP as a bad thing "if it happens."

PS. Why is it that every conspiracy theorist condescends to people by calling them "kid" or "junior"? Especially when most skeptics are older than they are. I guess you're just years beyond your age in wisdom, huh?

Oh, so we're playin this game huh? Ok smart ass, let me just explain it to you...

I don't believe that jews are apart of the ZOG, the ZOG is made up Israeli's, private contractors, various media personal, and those who have a hand in the stock market. They are a secretive organization, much like the bildeburgh group was up until the 1980's, the ZOG is a real group that is in control of what's going on in the region of Lebanon/Isreal/Palastine especially with the conflict. You ALWAYS here reports of crimes commited of from palastine against Isreal, but never the other way around, there is a reason for this.

Go ahead and type in "war crimes from isreal in google" and watch what pops up. It'll change your whole mind on what's going on. And America is knowling and simply allowing this to happend.

I know what Israel does in occupied Palestine, I am very critical of Israel's foreign policy, but that doesn't automatically mean there's a zionist conspiracy at hand. If you honestly believe there's a real difference between zionism and jews, which is true; I'm glad to hear you do believe that, but I'm sorry to inform you that many of the people in your peer group don't see that difference -- which is why I jumped to the anti-semitic conclusion I did. Now I'm curious if you're a believer in the "Protocols" if you think they're real.

As for US support for Israel, that goes way back to the split between the first and second world, if the situation were reversed and the US sided with Palestine and USSR sided with Israel, we'd hear more about the war crimes in Palestine done by Israel here in the west. Just like we don't hear about many of the terrible things US soldiers have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. is the same reason we don't hear about that from our big allies.

An example that comes to mind is Indonesia's occupation of East Timor, in the name of anti-communism, some of the worst war crimes of the latter 20th century were committed there and the US turned a blind eye and Americans simply didn't hear about it. If it were China that were doing the war crimes, or any "communist" country, we would have heard a lot about it here. The situation is the same with Israel. There's no "indonesian" conspiracy, just as there's no zionist conspiracy.

well it may not be an "indonesian" conspiracy, but it's a conspiracy nonethless.

"I know what Israel does in occupied Palestine, I am very critical of
> Israel's foreign policy, but that doesn't automatically mean there's a
> zionist conspiracy at hand. If you honestly believe there's a real
> difference between zionism and jews, which is true; I'm glad to hear you
> do believe that, but I'm sorry to inform you that many of the people in
> your peer group don't see that difference -- which is why I jumped to
> the anti-semitic conclusion I did. Now I'm curious if you're a believer
> in the "Protocols" if you think they're real."

I believe that those with wealth have hand in what takes place in this world, who gets what to feed their families, how much they get to feed them, who even knows what in this world is all a price. That is what the Protocols are and what they mean. Being aware that there are people in this world with wealth, have a huge part in what takes place.

So, i would Like the following:

An apology and for you to remove the slanderous page of Jeff Rense. Please.

Is that a yes or a no on if you believe the Protocols are real?

No. the protocols are a fictional book.

But Jeff Rense believes they're real...

All that being said, I don't know what I'm supposed to apologize for. I didn't slanderize Rense, it's only slander if what I say isn't true, and the Jeff Rense article says nothing about how he does look like a creepy bastard.


and btw, he's no more creepier than Bill Cooper or Alex Jones...seriously.

>> So?

Don't you see the irony there? If you believe they're fake, then Jeff Rense is also promoting misinformation, just like me.

>> and btw, he's no more creepier than Bill Cooper or Alex Jones...seriously.

You got me there.

I'm for Jeff Rense debunking that idiot Jones and bringing to light what the general public doesn't know.

Alright then. Do you also believe in the UFO stuff that Rense promotes?

Here's the popular "HAHA you believe in UFO's? Well, you're a dumbass." Let me just assure you something.

I believe in UFO's. Yes, I do believe that there are things that people are seeing in the sky that they can't identify that aren't birds,gas clouds, weather balloons, or just them spazzing out. I believe that the US government is holding evidence that they do exist, however, thanks to the digital age, the secrets are slowly falling through the cracks on a daily basis.

why are they hiding it? Simple. Humans are fucking morons for the most part and would freakout if they knew something such as UFO's/Greys we're real. Think I'm pulling your tail? There are people in this world who tried to kill themsevles when Micheal Jackson died. Imagine if the masses found out the World governments were hiding these secrets.

Even major science groups established by the government even declared that "at least 40-45% of UFO sightings couldn't be accounted for." that's from project blue book.

People are seeing and have been seeing things in the sky for ever...since man has walked the earth. Look at it like this...there were no Weather balloons in the mid 1500's-1800's when UFO's were being spotted.

You should visit these to see what I'm talking about,,

Don't limit yourself.

Jesus Tap-dancing Christ, you really have never read my site. I love UFOs, and while over the years I've slipped from thinking they're extraterrastrials, to more likely top secret aircraft, I'm definitely open to the idea that they are, I want nothing more than them to be aliens. I've been following the UFO community for 20 years or so, much longer than conspiracy theories that's for sure, so I'm aware of the risks and dangers that people in higher positions consider the masses finding out about the existence of aliens. FEMA had a document years ago with some research stats on the percentages of people who would accept it/be okay with it; the amount of people that would go crazy; suicides, etc.

I've also been fascinated with the "air ship" sightings of the 19th century, but there were balloons back then, but they weren't that common.

so then why bring it up what Jeff Rense said/believes about UFO's like it's a problem?

I was just curious as to of what Rense says, you believe, topical wise that is.

what all does he believe that makes it different from what you and I believe?

Well, I don't know about you, but I don't believe in a global conspiracy of any sort.

I think your in denial. I think it's all a cover up, you're in reailty thinking about this type of stuff.

Look at the situations like Ruby Ridge and Waco, that's proof the government will do and get away with what ever they want and come up with proable cause and the public will simply swallow the "offical story" and heroize the officers involved.

"Situations like Ruby Ridge and Waco", dude that was 17 and 18 years ago, why haven't there been more since then if they're oh so common?

There was just a few a month ago, on militas in the midwest! Are you freaking serious?

Did you just compare a few crazy people in the woods who invented their own language getting arrested, with a bunch of people who were burned alive? Those are the same thing! I can't think of any domestic groups that have caused trouble in the past at all (KKK, SLA, BPP, Weathermen), but if I come up with any, surely they're also fake and I guess back in the 1920s, 1960s, 1970s, they were just gearing up for martial law then too? Or maybe it was in 1987 when JBS said it was coming? Or no, maybe it was in 1990, 1991, 1992 when militia groups said it was coming by 1996? Or maybe it was in 1997 when Alex Jones said it was coming within 10 years?

Oh no, that's right, it's now because of a bunch of rednecks who are fighting invisible enemies get arrested and that's just like Waco and Ruby Ridge where people were murdered and the FBI/ATF played the "let's cover our asses" game. Man, those are so similar, it's just uncanny, and I bet martial law is coming any day now, am I right?

I never stated that Ed, many people have many different theories about when it's coming, but they differ from mines greatly. I believe that the people of this country are being prepared through it mentally and emotionally, through laws and bills being passed by politcians, the media and what's being taught to children as well.

Can you be more detailed? What exactly (or as close to exact) do you think is going to happen?

We're are headed to the point where we will be monitored almost 24-7, wether it be with IP address, smartphones, anything with a chip or electronics will be used and is being used to monitor us and will be used against us.

Why? To have control of the populace. When people see those cameras, they follow order, they just keep walking and never give it a second glance. They act just how they are programmed to. They lose all sense of their human nature. EVERYDAY WE LOSE IT BECAUSE OF THE TRASH ELECTRONICS.

And no computers do not count, because they can uncover what's really going on. More and more people are getting informed about what's really going on, and that is a good thing. Because once we establish our peaceful revolution, those in charge, the top 1% who OWN us (lobbysit pay for votes and get them) will be locked up and things will surely get back to a point where things are in order.

So if computers aren't trash electronics, what are?

Useful tools that man , at times through ones own decisons, manipulates just to benefit ones self.

Do I have to explain everything for you? I'm trying really hard not to go off on you.

If you're worried about going off on me, why do you keep emailing me?

Shut the fuck up. You know what happends when you aggravate people? You get cursed the hell out pal.


[ Apparently this guy doesn't like being asked logical questions about his paranoia ]

nothing is LOL edward, I'm being serious, and your acting like a damn child.

lol, so says the guy who thinks a zionist conspiracy controls the world and lets radio show hosts do all of his thinking for him -- except when he has to change the explanation for his beliefs when being questioned by a non-believer, so he doesn't appear to tow the party line too hard. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the guy who gets so upset over emails.

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