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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove - Page 15

This is page 15 of my discussion on the Alex Jones film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.


[Man #?]
Hey, how are you? Good.

[Man #?]
Your brother? Your father visiting or what?

[Man #?]
Yeah, yeah

[Man #?]
Yeah, yeah.

[Man #?]
So, that Marty thing was like-

This place looks cozy and rustic.

[Alex Jones]
We don't have time in the documentary to show you an entire tour of the 2,700 acre compound in the middle of the gorge, besides the fact that we didn't even have time but to see about 20% of it in between dodging security personnel.

Unfortunately we were using digital tapes that were one hour. Several of the confrontations were not caught on tape. We had sheriff's deputies, Secrete Service; you name it, question us on who we were. We just told them we were with the hillbillies. That's where the Bushes stay, you know, because we've got Texas accents.

Just another one of those convenient times in which Alex can't show you something very definitive that "most certainly happened." In the next scene we walk through a dining hall. You can see and hear women, unless they're actually two extremely unfortunate men in the hair and voice department.

[Alex Jones]
There they are!

Hey, how's it going?

[Alex Jones]
Here's just one of many signs sporting French with skulls, adorned with other trappings of death. We also saw signage with Latin and other ancient languages. Now we're about to let you see a little bit of what's going on with the great owl.

The French says, "Je suis la fille", "I am the daughter." I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. I see a lot of signs with Latin as well, in fact all over the United States I see signage with ancient language sayings such as, "E pluribus unum".

[Various chatter]

[Alex Jones]
Here you can see bottom of the stone owl with the alter of the eternal flame, a Aladdin lamp style urn that continually burns year round, we're told. Here's a side shot from about 30 yards away of Moloch, the Canaanite deity to which children were sacrificed to in Babylon. And yet another slowed down close shot, again, the eternal flame burning alter.

Again, Moloch was never in the form of an owl, it likely represents Athena. Furthermore, why would the Babylonians sacrifice a child to a Canaanite deity? He seems just to be piling on words he thinks are scary. I explain all of this at the begging of this article, and also throughout it, so if you haven't already read my earlier text on this issue, that has sources, please go back and read that first.

Now there's a shot of its head as well. Again, we've slowed down this video because we actually have only about 5 seconds on our hidden cameras. See if you can get a chance to have a closer look at it. You will see it during the ceremony. Speaking of the ceremony, we were on the left hand side of the lake, about 150 yards downstream beneath those redwood trees. Much of the ritual you're going to witness took place on the right hand side of the lake on at the northern tip beneath Moloch. 

It's not Moloch, this is something conspiracy theorists have made up as I already explained earlier in this article.

Keep in mind the scale of the idol compared to those giant redwood trees. It's at least 45 feet tall. Now the daytime vantage you're witnessing is basically the vantage that we shot the ceremony from at night. This is America, and it's been going on 120+ years in northern California. This is not some new fad; we're taking about something deadly serious, with its roots in ancient history.

If you've read all the way up to this point, then you probably are well aware he hasn't proven or shown anything at all that would suggest something more sinister than a frat party is happening. Everything has its "roots in ancient history." Just because I have a garden, must mean I'm up to something evil, after all, farming has its roots in "ancient history."

[Various chatter and loud music]

[Two old guys talking about President Reagan]

I need to tie my shoe.

[Alex Jones]

[Old men talking about "so many damn liberal democrats"]

[Alex Jones]
We had already been questioned three separate times by the Bohemian Club security, Secrete Service, and Sonoma County sheriff's department. To evade discovery, we decided to try for one of the remote areas of the camp according to our map, most southernly side and a lookout point, an observation deck over the Russian River.

As stated by Jones earlier in the film, they ran out of tape and could not film their questioning. So, if this were true, and they "had already" been questioned, why are they later filming again if they're out of tape? It doesn't add up.

While Mike Hanson was watching for the sheriff's deputies that were down the bridge in a guard shack, I began to shoot the video you just witnessed. After we turned the camera off, one of the Sonoma county sheriff's deputies showed up and began asking us why we were filming. We calmly told him we were just sight seeing as members of the Bohemian Club. The point that has to be made here, though, is they do have hidden cameras, because there's no way that they would've been able to witness us video taping from where the guard shack was located. And then upon walking back by the guard shack, we actually witnessed banks [?] of television screens and wires leading up into the redwoods and disappearing.

Every time something juicy happens, Alex Jones isn't filming. That's mighty convenient. Also why is it that in the midst of being questioned by guards they were never asked to show an ID? Especially if these two clowns were acting suspicious. They have member lists, why not ask for an ID? Second, how is it that with Alex's hidden pager camera, did the security people know they were filming?

Also visible from the observation deck is the famous sunning area for the establishment lackeys and their pawns. Here you can see some of the fine carpeting out on the floaty. The long history of men enjoying themselves has even been written about in the gossip column of the San Francisco Chronicle, writing that a man on his own often gets invited back to the camp by gay Bohemians. Even 100-year-old annuls have admitted the homosexual activities.

Even 100-year-old Grove annals have a homoerotic quality, with references to "slender, young Bohemians, clad in economical bathing suits." Nudity was much more common then. Today AIDS has put a damper on the Grove's River Road pickup scene, which Herb Caen used to write about in his San Francisco Chronicle gossip column. Just the same, a man on his own often gets invited back to camps by gay Bohemians. The weirdest approach I experienced came from a tall redhead in western wear, a fourth-generation Californian. He wandered up with a beer in his hand as I sat reading on a bench...

Homosexuality seems to be a really big deal to the freedom loving conspiracy theorists. Also, I didn't realize the San Francisco Chronicle gossip column was trustworthy, considering even non-gossip media is considered untrustworthy by Alex Jones.

After escaping the sheriff's department, Mike and I traveled high into the hills to wait until dark for the Cremation of Care ceremony. Before the Cremation of Care, all the Bohemian Club members begin a massive feast of revelry.

Yeah, it looks like Alex Jones got some real orgy images with men covered in food there and ... stuff...

I can't see anything of consequence, it looks and sounds like a bunch of guys getting together and eating dinner.

After the feast, cult members travel from the main dining area out of the trees out to the eastern side of the lake where they congregate and prepare themselves to properly thank their deity. Again, the 3,000+-year-old Moloch.

Again, it isn't Moloch, it's an owl, it probably represents knowledge. This is explained earlier in this article - if you didn't read it, please go back and do so - there are sources there. This really shows his hypocrisy, because earlier he ranted and raved about how an article saying the club's rituals were just a big joke was just "spin", but now he's saying that these men are "cult members", and talks about them "thank[ing] their deity". Up to this point he has provided zero evidence what so ever of anything other than a bunch of frat boys acting like weirdoes out in the woods. He's simply blinded by his convictions.



There's a typo in his definition, it says "frighful" instead of "frightful." I'm not sure where he got his definitions from, but based on the text alone I'd say it was probably from some kind of Christian/spiritually oriented dictionary, or perhaps one of those goofy occult books from Texe Marrs. 

The definitions as per Merriam-Webster:

1) A city devoted to materialism and sensual pleasure[71]
2) Ancient city of Babylonia; its site about 55 miles (89 kilometers) south of Baghdad near the Euphrates[72]

1) A Semitic god to whom children were sacrificed[73]

His definitions aren't much different from Webster's, except the second definition of "Moloch", which is both weird and incorrect, almost if he added it so he could use the name however he wanted.

As I explained earlier, the god Moloch was not an owl, but a bull, and there's no evidence at all that Moloch is represented anywhere at the Bohemian Club. Again, if you have not read earlier parts of this article, please do so. I go into decent depth about the "sacrifices" made to Moloch, and so forth.

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