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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove - Page 5

This is page five of my discussion on the Alex Jones film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

But is it the ultimate elitist retreat? I would imagine those, we don't even know the names of. This is probably just one more steering committee where they bring in underlings and high-level corporate chieftains that really aren't the upper top level echelon, make 'em feel important, then implement some type of strategy.

It seems like every time conspiracy theorists start to explain how the whole New World Order system works, the more vast it gets. So not only are the people "at the top" a part of the NWO, but the people under them are also partaking in the NWO. We're talking literally tens of thousands, of not hundreds of thousands of people.

They're, from the stories I've read, the things that happen, I mean, it is pretty well documented that people run around naked, they have orgies, they go into town and have orgies, and these are world leaders. 

This really is no different than in the 1980s with all of the satanic ritual abuse hysteria, where you had evangelical pastors and housewives looking for Satan under every bed and in every closet. There were constant reports of satanic cults doing crazy and immoral things, and even Satanists abusing children at daycares and having orgies involving little kids. Of course none of these were ever substantiated. And is it any surprise the "orgies" at Bohemian Grove originate from the same time as all of this other hysteria?[55][56][57][58][59]

We have a serious problem with that, just by the very nature, how this, to me, Bohemian Grove is probably a way to compromise people. You wanna be in the New World Order club?'s like big kid fraternity. And just like fraternities you have to do weird things here, you probably do weird things. 

Sure it's like a big kid fraternity and that's what I've been saying. They already do weird things. They have their own little rituals, their own little mottos, sayings, and maybe even handshakes.

I got a problem with governors, and presidents and prime ministers and corporate chieftains running around and doing this when they have so much power over what happens in the public domain. They have a responsibility uh, to-to disclose what they're doing. So, I think it is important like you were saying to somehow try to maintain some sort of security and not be way out in the open. Uh, because they'll call in a bunch of security.

I imagine he probably has a problem with anyone doing these things despite his constant claims about wanting freedom. Since public figures are supposed to disclose what they're doing, I wonder if Alex Jones will expose his bedroom escapades with his girlfriend, his education, his club memberships, and so forth since he seems to want to be in the public eye just as much as politicians.

[Alex Jones]
I hear, I hear he really enjoys himself here.

[BBC Guy]
I think Henry Kissinger will be here.

[Alex Jones]
Well if I've got a stink detector we're gonna be able to find out where he's at. He's...oh it's like everything evil you can possibly imagine Kissinger's always involved in it.

Kissinger must be one of the busiest men on the entire planet. I hope he gets frequent flyer miles, considering he has to fly from genocide, to war crime, to the Bohemian Club, to meet with all of the Rockefellers, to genocide, to elections to rig them, to every human resources department, to every DMV, etc.

[BBC Guy]
Isn't he a Republican, though?

[Alex Jones]
I'm not a republican. The point I keep making, this whole democrat republican deal is a complete...people always go back to that, though. Todd, in your country you got the Labor and the Tories over there and it's all the same people behind closed doors, it's just a big joke. And your, your leadership, our leadership, it's all the same people. It-it' do see a fight going on, but it's two different management teams of the same system betting for control. Like all the CEO jobs of slavery incorporated.

While I'll agree that the Republicans and Democrats aren't very different, the primary reason for that is the result of how our system is designed. The founding fathers set it up in such a manner as to guarantee, in the end, you will always end up with two, nearly identical parties. If you didn't see me discuss that, I suggest you go back and read from the beginning. Europe doesn't have that problem because of their parliamentary system, and you can follow how the United Kingdom and other European nations have shifted all over the political compass over the last 30 years[60], but the United States has basically stayed in the same place[61][62].

[BBC Guy]
Do you worry for Alex, Violet?

[Violet Nichols]
Um, I do, just uh, because Alex gets so impassioned by what he's doing that sometimes I'm afraid that he might be a little, you know, reckless or maybe a little bit too fearless. I worry about Alex when he drives down the street to come home, you know, especially when he used to have that, come home every night from the same radio studio at the same time, in the same car. And I worry about him sometimes when he's late getting back from the studio and he doesn't give me a call. I mean, you know, he is putting himself out there, but I think that the fact that he's in the public eye as much as he is really, you know, keeps him safe to a certain degree. So maybe something like this is, yeah, well, you know, um, people might not necessarily know where he is right now, you know, people that might listen to the radio or whatever. So it's gonna be a little bit more risky, it's a little creepy at night here in the woods, you know.

I wonder if Alex Jones gets as many death threats as I do. It wouldn't surprise me, there's crazy people on both sides, but some of the most outwardly violent I've noticed seem to be on the side of the conspiracy theorists. Furthermore, why is this in the movie? It's completely unnecessary ego stroking. Really, if they're so concerned over safety, why is she on film? I mean, he is because he's the face of his little movement, but why her?

[BBC Guy]
And you're definitely not dangerous? You're not going to do anything stupid this weekend?

[Alex Jones]
Well...I mean, what, dangerous to myself, dangerous? Are these people dangerous? They certainly may be. But I'm, I'm completely nonviolent when it comes to going out and just trying to get the information. That's what I'm trying to do. I mean, I'm an activist first and foremost, but also a journalist. And I'll make some jokes and speculate occasionally 'cause I'm a radio talk show host, but when I say something that I believe I have to be on target about it. But, dangerous? I'm definitely dangerous to corrupt bureaucrats and their financial bosses that would like to control the American people on [and?] the planet.

[BBC Guy]
But not in a violent way?

I don't really see Alex Jones as someone who's too dangerous, but some of his followers may be dangerous. But isn't it an extreme conflict of interest to say that you're an activist first and a journalist second - wouldn't you sacrifice your journalistic integrity for the sake of your activist beliefs? I believe that's what Alex Jones has done.

[Alex Jones]
Not in a violent way. And long before global government came out in the open in the last 4 or 5 years, they were conditioning the public that anyone that talks about global government is a kook, a weirdo, a terrorist, a racist. 

Keep in mind this was filmed in 2000, so "4 or 5 years" was around the year 1995 or 1996, when his movies first started getting decently popular. Even though throughout the 80s and 90s there were thousands of conspiracy films made, he measures success of the anti-NWO movement based on his own success.

And now they're out on the nightly news saying global government's here, you better accept it, we're getting rid of juries. 

Well, we're 9 years on and still haven't gotten that global government, still have juries, still have a slow, local court system.

All across the planet the IMF, the World Bank basically runs things now, the WTO, the sides [?] that you can buy and sell and trade on the international market. But, see, they're preconditioned us to it doesn't exist. 

You really only need to worry about the IMF, World Bank, and WTO if you're in a third world country or work in industry. The United States really suffers only in the trade aspects of the WTO, but the IMF and World Bank spend their time exploiting third world countries, getting them into massive debt that's pretty much unrecoverable[63]. But don't worry yourself with these issues, you should instead worry about problems that don't exist - such as a hidden world government that's been promised by conspiracy theorists for at least 100 years and still hasn't revealed itself. And their owl gods.

They've preconditioned us that anybody who talks about this stuff and who's against it is a kook or a racist, because it doesn't exist.  

That's because many of the people who do promote world-wide, vast conspiracies are racist and or kooks, but since 9/11 it's become much more fashionable to believe in conspiracy theories.

And then everybody's decided, well, I'm going to be culturally cool, I'm gonna be in style and I'm gonna be accepted. So even when they're hearing the news admit it and tell us how great it is. They've already prepositioned it psychologically so it is not acceptable; it's not kosher to discuss it. You see the tactic they're using there?

Now it's in style to believe in the conspiracies, many celebrities promote them, and they even have those cool black and white shirts where the number 11 is the Twin Towers. The best part is you don't really have to be challenged. Anytime anyone does challenge you, you can simply claim that either they're part of the conspiracy or they're just ignorant of the "facts."

Five years ago I would laugh when I heard about black helicopters, I would say I'm about taxes, I'm about corruption, I'm about, you know, getting global control back, and I'm about state's rights. You know, everything's going under federal control, I was pretty mainstream, what you'd call, so-called conservative.

I'm not sure he would have laughed, even though black helicopters have been popular in the UFO conspiracy movement since the 1970s[64], in the early 1990s they became immensely popular in the militia movement/states rights/conspiracy circles, primarily due to the dark colored helicopters used in the Ruby Ridge stand off[65].

Then I saw the light when black helicopters started going into North Carolina, they started going into Florida, they fired at an all night restaurant in Miami just training, firing bullets into people who are eating. Uh, they started burning buildings; police chiefs started throwing them out of towns, San Antonio.

A lot of these are discussed in Alex Jones' other movies, so I won't get into them here. However the article he shows, and what he's primarily talking about, is from WorldNetDaily. It's a self-described "conservative news" site[66]. Regardless of whether they are conservative or not, they do promote North American Union conspiracies[67], as well as Barack Obama conspiracies[68], and on September 13, 2001, they reported that 9/11 happened because "God (has) raised up Shiite Islam as a sword against America." (the terrorists were actually Sunni)[69] - and that should say a lot about the content and whether or not it should be trusted. This isn't surprising considering Alex Jones basically takes his knowledge of the "occult" from Texe Marrs.

All this started happening and I said, whoa, this is real, and then I realized that I was preconditioned, even as a so called conservative person who was, who understood that the media lied. I didn't realize how thick with propaganda it was.

His revelation is perplexing, at best. How exactly did he come to these conclusions about helicopters? Oh, was it that he read it in the media that lies, or is it only media outlets he likes that don't lie? It's really confusing.

They precondition us before they release something on this, that it #1 doesn't exist, in our minds with classic double think, but then it reexists at the same time they say it does and it's good. So it's literally George Orwell's doublethink. And what has to happen to stay sane in this world?

He just said that the media says it does exist, now he's saying they say it doesn't exist? Is he sure he's not the one doing the doublethink? Is it possible for him to use an analogies other than ones from George Orwell?

Well, I refuse to be part of it. I mean, the news everyday, black helicopters are a joke, they're stupid, commercials, cultures, movies. At the same time, almost every month in this country, they're attacking and terrorizing some town, burning buildings and...terror.

Why wasn't this getting out on the non-government controlled Internet? As in, actual survivor stories? Like I said, I discuss this in his other movies, and I won't touch on it here, but it's an interesting question that's never answered.

And I don't want to be part of their sick, control freak system. I don't like these degenerate inbred New World Order crowd people. They're not gonna run my life. They're not gonna control me. I'm gonna try to expose them and I think we've had some success doing that.

Sometimes I wonder if Alex Jones actually believes what he's saying. Other times, like above, I wonder if he's psychotically delusional.

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